<Death Jesters> 25man SoO Normal GDKP Runs!

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<Death Jesters> 25man SoO Normal GDKP Runs!

Postby Branhista » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:30 am

Hi Stormrage!

<Death Jesters> is hosting GDKP runs for 25man Siege of Orgrimmar. We are looking for many to join us to make this experience fun and profitable for all who choose to attend.


When are GDKP runs being hosted?
Raid invites will start at 8:00pm EST MONDAY night on February 24, 2014. The raid will begin pulling at 8:30pm EST. There will be 15minute break at some point during the raid. I hope to conclude the raid within 4 hours. Anyone not in group by 8:15pm EST will be replaced.


What is GDKP?
GDKP stands for "Gold-DKP" (aka "Gold runs". "GKP runs", or "Cash runs"). GDKP is a loot system where ALL items (Profession patterns, BoEs, Spirits of War, Disenchanted Shards, Armor, Weapons, Trinkets, Rings, Neck) are auctioned off for all raid members to participate in. The highest bidder receives the item, and the gold is added to "The Pot." The pot will grow in value until the end of the raid. The combined "Gold Pot" from all auctioned sales will be split evenly 25-ways at the end of the raid (Last boss is killed, or until the Raid Leader has called the raid).


What are the Loot rules?
1.) All boss loot, trash BoEs, mounts/pets, disenchanted materials, and any other items obtained in the raid (barring your personal extra loot coin rolls of course!) are distributed using GDKP.

2.) There is NO main spec/ off spec priority for loot. The ONLY way you will win an item is if you are the winning bidder on it.

3.) Items, bids, and character gear will be tracked weekly. If there is an item which is a definite and clear upgrade for you, but you are not bidding on it, then you will be asked why this is the case. If you are found to be attending with low gear, and no intention of buying gear, then you will not be invited back the following week.

4.) Private deals, or agreements to keep prices low will not be tolerated.

5.) Loot drama has no place in GDKP runs and will not be tolerated. The loot rules are clearly stated above and will be read out on Ventrilo at the start of each raid. Anyone deemed to be regularly breaking this rule will not be invited back, or in extreme cases, may be ejected from the raid.


What are the Raid Rules?
1.) All players are expected to perform at a reasonable level. Gear is not an indication of a player’s performance, and will be taken into account when considering performance.

2.) Ventrilo is required to attend the raid. Ventrilo must be kept reasonably clear at all time. Especially during the bidding process.

3.) Raid members will only receive gold if they are present at the end of the raid, with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. You forfeit your share of The Pot if you have to leave early or have to be replaced. You may be replaced if you accrue 3 ‘strikes’ for rule breaking or underperformance. A strike may be awarded for any of the following:

A.)You AFK for more than 5 minutes without informing the raid leader, or you are not present when we are ready to start an encounter.

B.)You disconnect for more than 5 minutes.

C.) Your raid performance is terrible. This includes (but is not limited to) not listening to the raid leader’s instructions, doing awful DPS for your level of gear, not following tactics, being loud or abusive on Ventrilo or in game.

D.)You are abusive or rude to anyone in the raid. This includes talking over the raid leader(s) during tactics or speaking throughout the bidding process.

E.) You attempt to make deals in private in order to keep bids low.
~~~~ While the 3 strike system is for infractions such as being AFK, the Raid Leader(s) reserve the right to immediately eject you from the raid for any serious infringement of loot or raid rules and you will not be entitled to any share of the pot.


What are starting prices and bidding rules? Prices are subject to change.

Normal Armor - 5,000g
Warforged Armor - 10,000g
Normal Weapons - 10,000g
Warforged Weapons 15,000g
Normal Trinkets - 10,000g
Warforged Trinkets - 15,000g
Tier - 10,000g

Garrosh Kill - 15,000g (Only if no achievement on account, prior to pull)

All auctions and bids will take place in raid chat. There are NO private bids or loot reservations allowed. Bids are placed in increments of 1000g. Bids that are 100,000g+, increments of 5000g will be required. There is no maximum bid.
The winning bidder will trade the agreed amount to the Loot Master prior to the item being awarded. No exceptions.


Where do I sign up?
You can sign-up using the link below. Please only serious sign-ups only.
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1deYhJf ... 4/viewform


For any additional information or questions, please reply on this thread, or whisper Branhista in-game or via in-game mail.
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Re: <Death Jesters> 25man SoO Normal GDKP Runs!

Postby Branhista » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:33 am

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