Guild Recruitment now Open

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Guild Recruitment now Open

Postby Damdor » Sat Feb 19, 2005 7:31 am

We are looking for active members with a strong desire for raids and to reach the high end content of this game. We usually raid from 4pm est and forward.
We will be doing MC , we were there with 16 people yesterday and our strategies how to do the pulls and mobs worked like a glove , we just lacked the dps sofar but thats easely fixed.

Classes we are looking for right now is.

high priority


But if you are a really good player of any other class please app , good players is always welcome. We will be inviting more of the other classes as soon as there is a balance among our members.

Our loot system for now is based on a random system but a dkp system is being worked out.Please contact damdor or saeldayar ingame for a chance to come along on our raids.

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