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We’ve had a dozen tanks over the years, dozens of trials, and hundreds of applicants. Thorgalls is the only one to make the hall of fame.

Thorgalls applied to us in June of 2009, was quickly interviewed and guilded. He had a pretty strong application – you could tell how passionate he was about tanking. While he had only 107 days played, he did have vanilla WoW tanking experience. He had taken a break from the game, and tanking for over a year: a time he said was one of the most horrible experiences in his gaming life.

So he applied to us in June 2009, was quickly interviewed. I remember that interview vividly. He had a very strong French accent, apologized profusely for not being able to communicate well, but there was no communication issue. He had such a strong passion, a love for tanking, a loyalty, integrity that we were after. We’d be insane for not giving him a shot. Even if he was an incredibly Ryo tank, that passion for the game, for things hitting him would have given him a solid shot at joining our family.

We quickly threw him into the fire. And for those of us that know me, I do that often to new applicants. Don’t have a lot of experience? Good because I’m going to see how you handle pressure, how quickly you adapt to changes, how vocal you are. It was pretty clear that behind his shield he had fire extinguishers. Between the unplayable lag in Ulduar, we were able to down bosses quickly thanks to his tanking. He knew his class inside and out. Most people say that, but in reality they actually don’t. He had glyphs, specs for every boss fight, an extreme min maxxer. What more could we ask for? Well we didn’t really ask for more, but we got it. His knowledge of his class transferred to the forums where he helped set up rotations, tank theory, gearing setups.

Not only that, but he had leadership as well. I asked him one day to set up tanks. He looked at me puzzled and said que? I told him, I wanted him to set up tanks, do what he did in his old guild. Well he was only told what to tank in his old guild and he did that, the raid leader did everything else. Ok, fine. You’re an awesome tank, I want you to set up tanking, you do it any way you want. As long as the job is done, I’ll be happy. This went back and forth in PMs over the forums for a few days. He set everything up, made my job, and the raid leader’s job a ton easier. He handled everything tank related and we could completely trust him.

It was clear that we had found a gem, one that we would hope to hold onto forever. When ToC came out, he farmed the hell out of older instances to make an unhittable set for Anub. He was key to us clearing that place out, and if it wasn’t for a certain swooper of noodles, a server first Immortality. He main tanked for us through all of ICC, levelled as protection(Protection was the ONLY spec) through Cataclysm. He destroyed normal modes and heroic Dungeons. He was quick, efficient, intelligent. When bosses beat on him, he would laugh and yell French obscenities to taunt them(this is how we became a bilingual guild).

Then came some drama. One of our old volcano tanks came back to play the game for an 11th time. Strong charisma, alpha personality, he nudged his way back into tanking. Problem was, we had Thorgalls, and Velthore tanking. They had replaced him during Ulduar. They had earned their spots and more. And if he wanted to tank again, he’d have to do the same, like any other applicant.
Well, Thorgalls said he didn’t really want to cause drama because he was not a drama causer. He would rather just retire and let the other tank, tank again.

Red Alert.

Here is the best tank we’ve ever seen, thinking of quitting. It was around this time that we wanted him to become an officer as well. What role? We weren’t sure yet. But he had the skill, the tact, diplomacy, and leadership to handle everything. And he wanted to quit because someone else was nudging in? I did my hardest to convince him otherwise. Give it another week or two, tell me how you afterwards. We can have this talk again. Well, we never really had that talk again, because he was happy. We made some adjustments for him and his style, and proceeded to continue to dominate content. The other tank disappeared of course, so we were happily stuck with Thorgalls and Velthore again.

Alts? Sure Thorgalls made an alt. Another warrior tank that he named Thorgals. Geared him the same, played him the same, and I think he had the same facial hair. He started calling his alt Junior. Baby Thorgalls. Used him for GDKPs, alt runs, whatever. You know someone loves tanking when that’s all they do. Eat, sleep, tank, then dream about tanking the next day. He was the kind of guy that almost never made a mistake. Because he would dream about the fight beforehand, see that potential mistake, and make sure it didn’t happen the next day.

Early last year, Thorgalls told me that because of real life changes, he would have to take a break from the game, probably quit. This was a terrible day for the guild. I didn’t tell the guild for months until I purposely let it slip during an interview. We had to look for another gem, quickly. We searched for months and months. We went through dozens of tanks during this period. Some were terrible, some stopped showing up after a few days. Some cried home after they were told they did something stupid. Eventually we found partners for Velthore to tank with.

Thorgalls into our Hall of Fame? That’s a no brainer. He was loved by all, and admired. He was absolutely instrumental in the downing of bosses and keeping this guild together. So when someone that buys their toon on Ebay asks why we talk about Thorgalls so highly and that it hurts their boy feelings when we do. This is why. This is the kind of player, the kind of tank, the kind of person we are looking for. Every tank should emulate what Thorgalls did for us.

His App:

Player Name:

Player Class:

Player Race:
Night Elf

Armory profile link: ... n=Thorgall

/played time on character: 107 days and 5 hours.

The thing is, this is my second character. I play since Vanilla but I had to stop for a couple of months 1.5 year ago (due to career change) but I managed to get back so I got back to the game. Those months were horible. I am a passionate and no one likes to tank like I do and I did everything I could to get back and intend to leave only when I will be the last one alive on the server since my last "leave" was one of the most horible experience in my gaming life!

Real Name:


Where you live:
Quebec, Canada

Assistant Director in a youth care resource

Do you have a microphone? Y/N:
Of course! As a tank, there are always important informations that need to be shared/told to your co-raiders/healers/RL.

Previous MMORPG experience (if any):
None. I fell in love with WoW and I play this game and only this one alone now. I played many other games before (Starcraft, CS, Duke Nuken, etc) but no MMORPG

Previous Guild(s):
First Guild: HG Followers (now Fragfrogs: ). My GF is still playing in it but I left in mai 2007 to join an Hard Core Guild (raiding 5 days/week - New joined guild: Revolution). I am still friendly with everyone in Fragfrogs and have access to their forum.

Second Guild: In may 2007 I joined Revolution which merged in 2008 with Invictus to form Frozen Myst, the guild I am currently in.

Reason for leaving previous guild(s):
I left HG Followers/Fragfrogs to join an Hard Core raiding guild (Revolution/Frozen Myst). I was an officier and left in peace (some people didn't agree and wanted me to stay but most people understood my need for an hard core guild).
I am still in Frozen Myst but they stop Hard Core rading yesterday so... I am looking for a new home. I am not the kind of guy to switch guilds. I just enjoy rading and tanking like no one else and as long as I got a boss hitting me, I am happy.

Describe your 40 and 25 Man raid experience:
During vanilla I raided with a casual guild at start (with HG Followers/Fragfrogs: 2-3 days/week). When BC cames out, 5 bosses in AQ40 were down and we were starting Naxx at that time. Since then (BC), I joined a Hard Core guild (Revolution -> Frozen Myst) and Tanked and MTed everything in BC and WotLK. I also tanked Hodir, Thorim and XT on HM. I was MTing Vezax HM last week but we didn't downed him yet.

Explain how you will be able to benefit Death Jesters:
I like raiding like no one else. I never raid too much. I am a passionate raider. Since I raid Hard Core, I only missed 1 raid due to an annual reunion at work that I couldn't miss. So I am a VERY reliable player and because of that, I always tanked and MTed everything. The worst person to replace in a raid is a tank so knowing that, part of my role /class is to be there and do my job. No one should roll a tank unless he is ready to be dedicated at 500% to his role and always be there.

What do you want and expect of Death Jesters:
To get to know people, slowly take my place as a tank and be there when the RL will need me. Of course I expect to tank but as a recruit, I know I will have to prove myself and bench a lot, which is part of the game.

Please link any relevant WWS logs:
An old Patchwerk (going out of rage less frequently):


Vezax (Normal mode):


You have fallen down a bottomless pit, what do you do to pass the time?:
I hope I have a book to read. I am a calm and and relax person. I don't mind solitude.

Any references, or people you know that can vouch for your personality and skill (Outside of Death Jesters, or inside):
Hèlly (US - Ysera)
Alkis (US - Ysera)
Barbîe (I know... I know... ^^ US - Ysera)

Your Daily(Hours) Availability:
All times are eastern time:
Monday: 6h00 PM to Midnight/1h00 AM
Tuesday: 6h00 PM to Midnight/1h00 AM
Wednesday: 6h00 PM to Midnight/1h00 AM
Thursday: 6h00 PM to Midnight/1h00 AM
Friday: Anytime most of the time if I know in advance
Saturday: Anytime most of the time if I know in advance
Sunday: 6h00 PM to Midnight/1h00 AM

Anything else you would like to include in your application:
Sure. I don't mean to do a wall of text but if you bare with me, here is a bit more about me.

Here is a pic of my UI (it is hosted by my first guild, the guild where my GF is still playing: Fragfrogs):

Also, I am a french canadian so my main language is french. Nevertheless, I am always watching TV in english because I prefer english to french. So well, if you are looking for someone to make fun off, I might be a very good candidate because even if I understand english pretty well (well, unless someone is speaking at the speed of light or is just grumbling and not articulating), you might found that I have a big accent ^^

So... I am prepared for the laughs!

Also, I am a kind person and never do drama. If there is something I really don't understant or don't agree, I usually just don't mind or if it is something I find important, I just take few minutes to talk about it (when possible) with the appropriate officier. And I am certainly not a loot whore. I am used to get gear first because our guild were gearing their tank in priority but I really don't mind. As long as I can do my job and don't die too much because of "tank lacking gear", I am fine. The only purpose of getting gear is to easy the raid toward new content, not to shine my leet new gear which is a a childish attitude if you ask me.

I am also a quiet person focused on my job during raids.

And as I previously said, I like raiding like no one else. I never raid too much. I am a passionate raider. I also like to be part of the learning simply because tanking is a key part and jumping in when everyone else had hours of learning and having to do everything perfectly on the first try can be very stressful sometimes but well, as a new member, I know I will be benching most of the time. That's part of the game when you are a new recruit.

My normal spec are 15-5-51 for TPS/DPS race such as Hodir and Vezax HM and most content and I am 5-15-51 for fight where survivability matters but TPS doesn't matter that much (such as Thorim HM).

About the glyphs I use, I change them almost every fight to make sure everything is optimized. For Hodir for example, I go with Devastate, blocking and vigilence. For Vezax, I go with Shield wall, last stand (to be able to rotate SW and LS for every surge) and vigilence that I put on our top mage (since our locks are managing their mana a lot more than our mages). But as I said, I change glyphs on almost every fight.

The stats I value the most depends a bit on the fight. For Vezax for example, I make sure my total avoidance is maxed (with scorpid up, I am around 61-64% total avoidance) but ususally, it is Stam -> Dodge -> Parry. Block is not really usefull at the moment but it might change a bit with 3,2. It won't get fixed but the change can make block a bit more apealing. Having 35% block and blocking around 6-8k damage can indeed make the stat more apealing. But it has to be tested more anyway. I am currently testing it on the PTR but again, it depends on the fight mechanics in 3,2.

Also, Expertise and Hit are very important stats that I value a lot for TPS/DPS race for HM (Hodir, Vezax, etc).

Defense must be at minimum 540 (the more we have, the better it is) but that is useless to say.

Finally (and sadly), I don't have a DPS offset gear. Since I never miss any raid and since I am a reliable and skilled person, I always tanked and MTed everything. RL usually use their more reliable tank to MT new content (well, unless the as long as the class is not too weak for the fight) to avoid useless learning for bringing a new tank when the MT have to miss a raid.

I think that is all, finally ;)

Have a nice day!
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Tanking prowess exceeded only by the sexiness of his UI.
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