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Blacksaw, aka Gleesaw, Ballz, Dicksaw, keeper of the glee. Blacksaw joined us during the Black Temple/Sunwell era. Sakasein was our current resto druid at the time, another major HoF candidate. Druid knowledge and skill is passed down, from one druid, to another. From Sakasein, to Blacksaw to Lar…Tens.

Sakasein and the rest of us really had to grind the shit out of Blacksaw. Most don’t realize, but Blacksaw came very close a number of times to failing his trial with us. He was just doing so poorly, survivability wasn’t there, he wasn’t mashing his buttons well enough, but he did have one thing going for him, his drive, his potential. Sakasein convinced us to let him work with Black some more. You see, DJ healer bootcamp is just like real bootcamp. We will grind you until there is almost nothing left and see what you are made of. We’ll then help build your skillset, your confidence, until you are a beast of a healer. If you’re good, we make you great. Strong healing has always been the cornerstone of DJ.

But Blacksaw had potential, so we worked with him for a long time. He never gave up, Sakasein didn’t, so we didn’t. Turns out he became one of the guild’s best healers and officers.

I moved him to DJP officer, to Sand Officer where he cleaned out lots of sand. He helped with recruitment, processing apps, keeping everything running so I wasn’t overburdened doing a million different things.

Blacksaw mentored a lot of the apps as an officer. He outlined expectation for them over Vent, policies, procedures, was always available to help them out. Many of the solid raiders we have now are thanks to him.

He’s now one of my good, real life friends after becoming an officer. He’s come to my yearly Sausagefest(food & beer) parties where I invite DJs to attend. And like the others, he retired from raiding after his son was born.

Now we’re playing Star Wars and I’ll be healing his Jedi ass.

When you think of Blacksaw you also remember him yelling ‘Fuck!’ a lot. And yelling at the perpetual app: Larin.

This is a guy who genuinely earned his spot as a raider, as an officer. Hard work paid off and he’s been voted by you into the HoF.

His first app to us(he was denied):
Player Name: Blacksaw
Player Class: Druid - Restoration
Player Race: Night Elfe
Player Level: 70

Real Name: Jonathan
Age: 29
Where you live: Vancouver,BC
Occupation: Technology Business Management
Previous MMORPG experience (if any): FFXI (2 years) Wow (2 Years)
Previous Guild(s): Dark Paradigm
Reason for leaving previous guild(s): Coming back to Stormrage (Will supply as many reference as needed)
How would you be able to benefit Death Jesters: The fact that im a good healer, i show up, i have the raid experience to make this happen and that i know how to listen and stfu.
What do you want and expect of Death Jesters: Push new content, clear BT asap.
What are your raiding expectations?: As much as possible
Armory profile link: ... n=Blacksaw
Do you have a microphone? Y/N: Y
Your progression gear wise: 4/5 T4, Merciless Chestpiece Healing, Karazhan and Badges gear are the rest.
Your unbuffed resistances (especially Nature, Fire, and frost): NR Approx :160, FR:150, No frost gear
Briefly describe your 25Man raid Experience: Clear Mag, DLK, DW, Gruul, SSC including vasjh, All of TK except for Kael.
Describe your Kharazan, Black temple, Hyjal Attunement progress: Missing Kael vial to get to Hyjal, missing only Hyjal to get in BT.
List all heroic mode keys obtained: All of them
/played time on character: Approx 130 days
You have fallen down a bottomless pit, what do you do to pass the time?: Learn2fade
After moving to a new town, what would you do in order to meet your neighbours?: Bring a 6 pack of beer and maybe a 40oz of rhum if shes hot.
If you had to play the role of an animal or a prop in a theatrical production, what would you chose to be?: Donkey ?
If you were running for Mayor of your hometown, how would you convince people to vote for you?: Vote for me = Free beer and double your pay check.
How would you try to get out of a speeding ticket?: Unfortunately i dont have a rack, so id probably tell him i got the runs and i need to hit the toilet asap which explains why i was going so fast ?
What is better, a big guild or a small guild?: Neither. As long as the people in that particular group cooperate and have fun then its inevitable that it will be successful.
What three things cause a raid to fail?: People not listening to instruction, people not paying attention to surroundings, people not bringing consumables as they are required to.
What is best in life?: Beer
Have you ever played on any sports teams, if so, what kind?: Hockey
Any references, or people you know that can vouch for your personality and skill(Outside of Death Jesters, or inside): Clouds, Ageeoop, ill come up with other names if needed.

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