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Postby Sparty » Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:07 pm

Oafijev came to us during the BWL/AQ40 era where we orchestrated one of the largest server-wide efforts to get the gates open. Originally from Sacred Ground, he joined us with a wealth of leadership behind him. He was a great priest from the start and helped develop our healers today.

He contributed greatly to our success in AQ40 and Naxx, healing, developing strats, and being one of the last people alive when people failed to the Heigan Dance.

Every week he tries to find a reason for me to demote him down to a retired member so he can be a regular person again. I laugh and say no every time. Officer position is for life. He is our original Sand Officer. And by Sand Officer, we mean someone that players are comfortable coming to with problems, or sand in their vaginas.

Oaf’s been an excellent mediator and has always put the guild’s interest first. I remember many years ago near the end of AQ40 where I learned a bit from him and took some of his advice to heart.

How much does he love healing? He levels as healing. Shadow is not in his vocabulary. I can probably count the number of times he’s visited his trainer to respec on one hand. He’s always been one of DJ’s strongest healers, especially as disc. And I remember this one time, our Oafijev taught some rich el guy how to dps on his warrior.

He’s been a mentor to our healers, to our apps, and he’s been a mentat to me. When I’m about to do something rash, or I need a second opinion, I know I can always count on him for his advice. In all the years I’ve known him, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him raise his voice, or get angry once. Oaf’s been the calmest, most logical thinking officer that we’ve had.

Oaf retired from raiding like the others, kids were born. Now he does VBCS when the kids are asleep or with a baby on his knees. I met him for the first time in 2006 at the first DJ meet and greet in Toronto. He was a great guy then, and we’re friends now. We even played some hockey together a couple years ago. And of course, I’d learn a thing or two from him. Platinum level hockey tickets for Sparty too? I really like this guy.

He’s always been on the lookout on how to improve the guild. Whether it be raiding efficiency, morale, strats, he’s always involved. How can we apply our real life skills, from our jobs, our own personalities, educational backgrounds, to improve the guild? Most recently, it was the introduction of the Mafia game to our forums to stimulate more forum communication. We don’t want people that simply log on and off for raid time. We want people that contribute, that have fun, joke with us. We want players that will come to Sparty’s Sausagefest(food, not penis) and have a beer.

Guys like Oaf, leaders like Oaf, are the kinds of personalities we want in the guild. Because we wouldn’t be here without him.

His App:
Name: Oafijev
Class: Priest
Level: 60
Previous MMORPG experience(if any): None
Previous Guild(s): Sacred Ground
Reason for leaving previous guild(s) (If you do not want to post this publicly, please be prepared to talk to an officer in game about it): I don't mind talking about it, but I prefer a more interactive medium to express my thoughts.

How would you be able to benefit Death Jesters: I'm always helping out with stuff, whether it be guild administration, power leveling others, war effort, or whatever. I have a need to learn and improve as a player, and I love figuring out new content. And I have a strangely masochistic willingness to keep trying until it's done.

What do you want and expect of Death Jesters: I'm looking for a group that shares the same goals as I do. I know that I can learn from DJ, and I've heard good things about the way you approach content. People that can have fun, but with ruthless efficiency when called for.

What talent specialization are you? Disc/Holy, but I'm entertaining suggestions for a respec.

Your progression gearwise: Benediction and some bits of Prophecy (4), Devout (2), Transcendence (1). Most other stuff from around the progression level of MC. 125 (comfortable mana) to 159 (gimped mana) unbuffed FR possible, beginnings of nature resist. Of course, full twill set to appear in public with because priest gear is ugly . Let me know if you want details on any of this.

MC/Onyxia/BWL Experience: MC, Onyxia, Razorgore on farm status. Have experience setting healing assignments/rotations for all of that.

Any references, or people you know that can vouch for your personality and skill(Outside of Death Jesters, or inside): Randal, Galvios, Dugrin, Warmix, Rivkah. Others available upon request
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Postby Loganis » Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:30 pm

Again good work Sparty. I especially LOVED this "Oafijev taught some rich el guy how to dps on his warrior." That was clever.
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Postby Stickybunz » Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:55 pm

Of course, full twill set to appear in public with because priest gear is ugly . Let me know if you want details on any of this.

The original twill master?
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Postby Denal » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:13 pm

Man. Oaf i had to get the dictionary. Took me 10min to read your original app. XD
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