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Postby Sparty » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:49 pm

When Onewarf applied to Death Jesters, we still had the hardcore mentality from Everquest. This was the same as the developers had and that’s what vanilla WoW was. So when he came to us in BWL/MC times, we just didn’t have a lot of room for undergeared players, we were still hitting our stride then. So the best way to prove your dedication, your loyalty, your willingness to a guild, was to go to all the crappy gearing up runs. UBRS, Straths, Scholos, weekend stuff. You wanted the guild to get to know you first so that they would take the chance on you. Well Onewarf spent a lot of time waiting outside the raid instances: 3 months. Yes, he waited that long to raid. He waited that long as an applicant for a guild invite. That’s the kind of dedication he had. That’s how badly he wanted to be a Death Jester. And if I had it my way, I would make every new app, guard the summoning stone outside the raid instance for a week. Just to prove that they wanted to be part of our family, and not just any other raiding guild.

Once we gave him a shot, we were kicking ourselves for not doing it earlier. We could’ve had an awesome mage sooner, instead of a mage that couldn’t do Heigan properly. When Naxx40 came out, we were already tearing up ZG, working on finishing AQ40 and doing a lot of raiding in general. It was about this time that Onewarf and Rootleaf teamed up as one of our best raid leading duos. Rootleaf was the good cop, Onewarf the bad cop. Don’t fucking piss off Onewarf. Get your shit together, go spec properly, get your potions, elixirs, flasks, and “oals.” He was stern, he was demanding, and we would fuck bosses right in the goat ass for him.

He led that contingent of more than half a dozen mages through Naxx and AQ40, rolling ignites wherever he could. He made a number of kill videos for us, Patchwerk, Thaddius, bosses through Naxx and TBC. All posted in our video section.

He led raids through the time of guild killers: M’uru. Weeks of wiping to this boss, a boss that many guild folded to, couldn’t handle the pressure, the perfection of a kill. He didn’t give up and didn’t let us give up, he kept pushing us, even after a rogue child, a rich el guy, and a paladin sandwich artist left. He kept us motivated through a really rough time, and we killed that fucking boss, right in the goat ass. And Kil’Jaeden died quickly after.

And of course he’s from the south, always the butt of our trailerpark, redneck, terrible accent jokes. For some reason, the south breeds amazing raid leaders.

Warf stopped raiding after TBC, helped us out casually when he could. During the end of Wrath, we were running weekend 10mans, VWCS(Very Worst Case Scenario). If you missed bosses in the 25man, you ran with these drunken jokers. So Warf and a few of the other retired officers created VBCS(Very Best Case Scenario): a late night 10man run for retired DJs that stays competitive. They kill bosses at the same rate our main 25man raid does. And when they kill bosses before us, this bunch of 10man carebears, where they hold hands and sing songs to down bosses. Where the biggest problem is how much room you have to shoot your rainbow, well that just pisses us off. That motivates us to play better, to get shit done, and get us back on track.

One of the best mages we’ve ever had, one of the best raid leaders we’ve ever had.
Onewarf: Fucking bosses in the goat ass.
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Postby Denal » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:08 pm

Damn so what i can understand here is Warf went from fucking bosses in thier goat asses to being stacked on thier nuts. GO WARF!
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Postby Sk » Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:16 am

Warf is Honeybadger.
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