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Schomberg or Schomgod as he was known by his plethora of fans was a Retribution Paladin that played with Death Jesters from Mists of Pandaria to the end of Warlords of Draenor. He applied in early 2013 and raided for a full two years with Death Jesters. This is the guild where he found his home, his calling, and became one of the best Rets to play during MoP->WoD.

When Schomberg applied to the guild, he was competing for a Ret Paladin spot alongside another Ret applicant who named himself ‘Amazing.’ Both were mentored by myself, giving them both the same tools they needed to succeed. However despite his competition's large ego, Schomberg’s competition was a good player, outputting above average numbers. And while the other ret paladin would at times out-dps Schomberg, Schom used every tool that was given to him to be a much better and overall complete player. Schomberg communicated better, Schomberg learned to call CDs better, theorycraft, and was constantly pushed to do better. He was a good fit in the guild and people liked him. So he eventually made full membership in Death Jesters, and his competition was asked to change his name from ‘Amazing’ to ‘Mediocre.’

As time went on, Schomberg honed his craft of becoming one of the best Rets in the game. His rankings ( ... 255/latest) Speak for themselves. He was constantly theorycrafting with other top Rets in the game and striving to be one of the best players Death Jesters had ever seen.

And while Schomberg did routinely top the meters and was given the nickname ‘Schomgod’ by many viewers and fans. He was also a player that could be relied on for the bitch jobs that I valued the most. He could be relied on to interrupt, to give CDs, to spot heal, to perform mechanics that other players would struggle with for 100 attempts. He was the epitome of an amazing raider and a part of the Death Jesters family.

And as time passed, he gained the trust of the raid leaders, the officers and myself to be entrusted with more responsibility. He represented many of the melee during strat discussions always found what was best to increase the raid’s dps, not just his own. He became a Veteran in the guild with his leadership, his mentorship of other applicants and the officers being able to rely on him time and time again.

But after two expansions playing with us, Schomberg gave me his 6 months notice that he was going back to school and would not be able to raid anymore. It has been a year since Schomgod told me he would quit, we have still not found a person to replace his dps, his leadership, and his friendly attitude in the guild.

That is the story of Schomberg. We’ll see him playing casually in HoTS and Overwatch now!

His Application:

Player Name: Schomberg
Player Class: Paladin (Retribution)
Player Race: Tauren
Armory profile link: ... g/advanced link:
/played time on character: 384 days, 13 hours, 18 minutes, 39 seconds

Real Name: --------- -------
Age: 20
Where you live: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Part time job at a ---------- store
Do you have a microphone? Y/N: Yes
Previous MMORPG experience (if any): I have none. WoW is the first one I have played.
Previous Guild(s): Muteki and Side Project
Reasons for leaving previous guild(s): I left Muteki because I had recently taken a break from the game when Dragon Soul came out and I didn’t think I would be accepted since they currently have a full roster. Side project I’m currently still in on the server Eonar. I’m deciding to leave the guild for another because the realm has become pretty deserted especially on the horde faction. Very few guilds are progressing through heroic modes only three of them and just the overall economy of the server is terrible so I want a fresh start.

Describe your 40/25/10-man raid experience: I don’t have any experience in 40man raids. In vanilla WoW I was still a little kid and my computer back then couldn’t handle it.

For 25man raids I started doing them in Burning Crusade. The guild I was in cleared Gruuls Lair, Mags Lair, Tempest Keep then I took another break due to high school but came back when Ulduar was released in Wrath of the Lich King. I was on a beat down server during those times so I applied to a guild that I mentioned up above named Muteki on the server Eonar. We downed all hardmode bosses in Ulduar, ToC I didn’t really do but when ICC came out we killed all bosses but heroic Lich King.

Cata came out shortly after that and we killed 2/5 heroic bosses in BoT, 5/6 heroics in BWD, one of 2 heroics in ToFW but I wasn’t apart of the conclave kill and 6/7 heroics in FL. Like I said when dragon soul was released I took a break because I went into my first year of college attending a game development course.

When Mists came out I decided to give it a try and I loved it as soon as I logged on. I joined a guild called Side Project which is a 10man guild after I came back to the game and so far we have killed 16/16N bosses and 2/16 in Heroic. We haven’t made much progression in awhile. It seems like there are problems left and right always occurring.

Explain how you will be able to benefit Death Jesters: I have been playing the game ever since vanilla and I’ve been a ret paladin for basically all of my time played. I always come prepared to raids with flasks, potions, and food. I always pull competitive damage numbers with low damage taken, I love to be very vocal on vent and do whatever I can to help the raid out. I always thrive on progression and I’m open to constructive criticism.

What do you want and except of Death Jesters: What I want out of Death Jesters is a mature/competitive raiding environment while still having fun. I’m looking for a raiding guild that’s consistent with there raiding schedule.

Please link a relevant WoL parse:

This was a recent log that had some heroic kills in it. I was not apart of any of the heroic spirit binder attempts. I can provide more logs upon request.

What kind of attendance are you able to keep in a 30-day period? With my current guild I have not missed a raiding day yet since I joined them in September. I just recently got a new job only working 2-3 days a week and going till 8:00pm and latest 8:45pm so I would be home at 9:00pm if I’m schedule for that late. So I would basically have a near perfect raiding attendance unless some family occurrence pops up. My job doesn’t have any specific times I just work whenever they tell me but like I said it will only go will 8:45 the latest.

How often do you experience computer or network-related issues that would prevent you from raiding? I would say maybe once a month. About two days ago there was a issue all over the province I’m in that had my internet down for three hours but other then that nothing really should happen.

You have fallen down a bottomless pit; what do you do to pass the time?: I would try to learn how to fly out of the pit.

How did you hear about us?: I have been monitoring the guild recruitment forums for about 4 months now so I have seen posts about Death Jesters and was told they live stream there raids. So I have been checking out towelliees live stream and have been interested ever since.

Any references or people you know that can vouch for your personality and skill: Not on Stormrage but on my server Eonar you can ask a Shaman named Buldie, and DK named Folari. I was raiding on the PTR this past week for 5.2 with dexter and towelliee so maybe they would remember me but I doubt it.

Your Daily(Hours) Availability:

Like I said I work randomly but only 2-3 days a week. Store closes at 8:00pm and I would get home at 9:00pm at the latest.

Do you use an authenticator to log into the game? If not, are you willing to buy one if accepted as an applicant? I do have one. I was hacked one day during Firelands progression and I said never again!

Anything else you would like to include in your application: Not really just want to say don’t overlook me because of my lack of progression. I have been playing retribution all of my WoW career and you wont regret me if I’m accepted to tryout. Sorry about the format I didn’t know if I should copy all of the questions to a word document so I just typed them all out.
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