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Application FAQs

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:21 pm
by Eloriya
Q. Why don't you accept social members?

A. In a way, we do. You can get a full member to vouch for you as a friend and family rank. The vouching member shares responsibility for your actions, and if you do something against the guild philosophy, both you and your friend answer for it. We take our reputation seriously on and off server, and expect anyone wearing the guild tag to behave accordingly. The only other way to get into the guild is to apply as a raider and attain a full member rank at the end of your trial. This ensures no one wears the guild name that can't be trusted, or doesn't fit in with us.

Alternatively, our sister guild Zeroes to Heroes is managed by the same leadership team and is always welcoming new players. You could see what it's all about and interact with both guilds as we use an addon: Greenwall to chat.

Q. I have no log, but I believe you should give me a chance to prove I am an excellent player worth your time by letting me come into your raid. Why won't you do this?

A. The application inbox receives on average 4-5 applications a day. If we took every application with no log and gave them a chance to prove themselves in a raiding environment, the raid would be comprised entirely of apps. A thorough and well prepared application prevents you and us from wasting time and effort. Logs help us determine many things, not just your dps or hps. Preparing a log isn't difficult, and is an extremely important part of your application. It also shows that you respect your potential future fellow raiders enough that you will never waste their time.

Q. I've sent in an application, when should I expect a response?

A. It usually takes at least a day to receive a response, sometimes longer. If you send in an application at 2am of the recruitment officers time, you likely won't receive a response until the afternoon of that day. If 2 or more days pass with no response, you can message any DJ in game and they will point you in the right direction to get information. Some applications go directly to spam, and while we do check for that, some slip through anyway. All applications receive a response of some kind, not one goes without a response.

Q. I think the process of an application to a guild is ridiculous, this is a game, not a job. Who do you think you are?

A. We're the Death Jesters. We're not elitists, we attract like-minded raiders, as any group of people that stay together does, and we enjoy playing the game in this way. Some people enjoy lfr, some enjoy casual progression. Not everyone seeks the same kind of fun, and no one should begrudge anyone else the manner of it.

Q. I was sent a 'class full' response. What do I do now?

A. If you've received a class full response, it simply means that we are currently full in that class and don't feel you are able to replace the current raiders of that class. If you believe this opinion is in error, as the response states, you are free to reapply at any time.

Q. I see my classes are closed for recruitment, does this mean I can't apply?

A. Definitely not. If you believe you can replace any of our current raiders, you should certainly apply regardless of our current recruitment needs.

Q. I've been denied! My dreams are ruined!

A. Actually, you can reapply at any time, just as the response you received states. We have current raiding members that needed to reapply several times before they were ready for us. We believe most people can improve with a little research. So, brush up on your class knowledge, log yourself and compare to the top raiders out there of your class, watch live streams from the PoV of your class. Improve yourself and reapply!