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Application Requirements

Postby Sparty » Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:22 am



Core hours: 9:00pm-> 12:30am EST (Aim to be outside the instance 15 minutes prior).
Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday
Raid days will vary based on progression. At times we may raid 1-2 days a week when instances are on farm.
--Thursdays are typically reserved for sale runs and completely(actually) optional.
--Fridays and Saturdays will always be offdays and for alt/fun raids.

Our logs can be found at: Please take a moment and see how you would compare to our current roster. Current logs for the spec you are applying for are required for your application to be processed. All classes are expected to be able to play the optimal class specs for each encounter.

All official (guilded) applicants will gain special access to our site allowing them to record projected attendance.

Applicant spots are limited; it is up to the applicant to make it into raids. We give all applicants sufficient chances in a raid setting and we work with them continuously. There are also opportunities to impress us outside of raiding.

Our loot system is merit-based; make sure you've read over how it works using the menu. Applicants do at times get loot, but they should not be expecting any. Although raids are set to personal loot, we do trade items/mounts/pets/toys to the loot officer to be distributed based off our loot council's decisions.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, do not apply.

1.) You MUST be level 120 to join.
2.) You MUST know how to play your class to the fullest.
3.) You MUST have experience with raid content.
4.) You MUST be geared appropriately with appropriate raiding professions. Gear does not replace skill but you should be equipped enough to survive and make a difference in our current raid content.
5.) You MUST learn to die with dignity and not complain about repair bills.
6.) You MUST bring a positive attitude and want to succeed. Negative attitudes will not be tolerated.
7.) You MUST be willing to buy or farm your own resist gear when asked.
8.) You MUST have a stable internet connection and computer. If you frequently disconnect, you are wasting your time and ours.
9.)You MUST have basic communication skills with the ability to speak on Discord. Our primary language in this guild is English.
10.) You MUST apply as an individual. We do not take package-deals. Group applicants are welcome but will be evaluated as individuals and will submit separate applications.
11.) You MUST read and agree to all points in the Guild Charter.
12.) You MUST be willing to re-spec to any talent tree needed by the guild, no questions asked.
13.) You MUST install the required software listed below.
14.) You MUST have a flying mount (Druids may flightform).
15.) You MUST be able to maintain at least 90% attendance per month.
16.) You MUST have completed the LFR , Normal & Heroic mode available for the tier, and have at least some Mythic mode experience or prior tier Mythic experience.

If you do not have the required software, do not apply.

-Discord for necessary raid commands.
-Current version of a Boss Mod(DBM/Bigwigs/DXE/VEM)
-RCLootCouncil V 2.8.3(or most recent) for distribution of gear.
-Weak Auras
-Exorsus Raid Tools


1. Fill out your application in the proper format and email to Please do not send your application as an attachment. Any application that does not follow the proper format will be deleted and not considered. You must include a legitimate return email address as the officers will reply to your application the first time in this format. Include your player name + class in the subject header. Please do not include any attachments as the applications are copied and pasted into our internal forums.

2. You should expect an email soon (within 48 hours) after. Either your application will be accepted, denied, or marked pending. Should you not receive a response, please whisper Sparty in game or Sparty#1780.

3. If we proceed with the application you will be contacted to do a Discord interview with a few of our officers/mentors. If your interview goes well, you will be invited to join the guild as an applicant. Unlike other guilds on this server, we have great pride in our guild tag and will not invite just anyone.

4. During this time period you will be expected to raid with us and you will be evaluated in every way. This period lasts a minimum of 10 raid days. You will be assigned a mentor to make your transition into our raiding style easier. They will assist and guide you in any way they can.

5. You should be actively looking for feedback from your mentor/officers. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with WoL or Warcraft logs and how you are doing compared to other players in the guild. We provide assistance learning the basics.

6. If we are satisfied with your performance, you will be trialed to the guild with the initiate rank. Otherwise your application will be terminated. The initate period lasts as long as we deem necessary; when the trial ends you will be promoted to a full member or asked to leave. During the trial phase you will have limited forum access and expected to follow the guild charter as every other member.

Your application MUST follow this template. We will consider any other format to be a non-serious application and it will be ignored/deleted. Like a good cover letter this application is your first impression. Inaccuracies, incomplete fields, or spelling mistakes will result in denial. Do not be surprised if your application is denied due to spelling/grammar mistakes, failure to complete the application in full or missing/incomplete answers.

Player Name:
Player Class:
Primary Spec:
Player Race:
Armory profile link:
/played time on character:

Real Name:
Where you live:
Do you have a microphone? Y/N:
Previous MMORPG experience (if any):
Previous Guild(s):
Reason for leaving previous guild(s):

Describe your 40/25/20/10-man raid experience:

Explain how you will be able to benefit Death Jesters:

What do you want and expect of Death Jesters:

Please link a relevant Warcraftlog summary page not specific parses (~~
(Note: The parse is a key component of your application. If you have do not have logs or unable to provide access to your private logs, you will likely be denied.)

What kind of attendance are you able to keep in a 30-day period?

How often do you experience computer or network-related issues that would prevent you from raiding?

You have fallen down a bottomless pit; what do you do to pass the time?:

How did you hear about us?:

Any references or people you know that can vouch for your personality and skill (BTAG Required):

Your Daily(Hours) Availability:
Example: Monday: 7:00pm-1:00am


You must delete this paragraph to be taken seriously: I can not follow instructions. I have skipped over everything in the application thread and only pasted this template into an email without really reading it. This action of submitting my application with this paragraph still intact marks me as a liar, since by submitting this application I am saying I've read all the requirements and met them. It's very likely I won't read strat forums or check cooldown spreadsheets.

Do you use an authenticator to log into the game? If not, are you willing to buy one if accepted as an applicant?

Please Upload a picture of your in-combat raid UI to IMGUR and link it here:

Anything else you would like to include in your application:

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