Clarendon's Fashion donts

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Clarendon's Fashion donts

Postby Clarendon » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:08 pm

This is a repost of a guild thread I decided to post for the use of the rest of the world!

hello, in an effort to help some of you who just cant seem to find a good set for transmogrification, I'm going to start compiling a few things you should avoid when setting out to make a set.

NUMBER ONE: I found a bunch of gear with the same color

Color is important, its what everyone sees. Unless gear was designed to be in a set together, it can be very very hard to find pieces which match the same tone of color in a piece you want to center around. Sometimes though there are random pieces of gear which share the same color, and it can be tempting to grab them and make a set. Just make sure it isnt this one:
Stay away from loud colors.

NUMBER TWO: I like all of these items, surely I would look good in them at the same time!

another easy one to fall into. Say you find an item you like, and you have a few other items you really like. Rather than wear them all at the same time. I suggest making an individual set to go along with each of them. you will find it it far preferable to take the time to make a few different sets, than end up looking like this:

NUMBER THREE: that one stupid item you think looks awesome but you are completely wrong it looks dumb as hell.

Despite what you may think, you are not the master of fashion. You are not a rogue designer who will revolutionize what looks good by making up your own set with that one controversial piece of gear. All it does is make an otherwise decent looking set look stupid by adding in one gigantic eyesore. I call this "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HIDE YOUR HELM syndrome"

NUMBER FOUR: If i wear this I will look funny and it will be funny

No, it will not be funny, you just look stupid, what may be funny for a few minutes, rapidly decays into hideousness soon afterwards, and then what you came to the raid looking like, while funny at first begin to hurt everyone's eyes until they all hate you. Dont be hated by your comrades...specifically your healers...certain healers...

NUMBER FIVE: This is a really rare and unique looking item, If I wear all of them, I will look good

Similar to number two, this makes the same mistake, you cannot slam a bunch of random items together and expect it to look good. You have to plan the set out piece by piece. the colors clash, there is no theme other than stupidity. Also, This hat looks good with absolutely nothing.

NUMBER SIX: I like this hat, I need to find pieces of similar color to match with it.

This mistake usually results in an aesthetically pleasing set, but the color is way off. uniform tone and theme is critical to making any good set. If you cannot match tones, even if its on any item, except maybe boots with a robe, you need to come up with a new set.

NUMBER SEVEN: lol I look like a pimp.

That may be. You also look like a dumbass.
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