fri night alt gruul run

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fri night alt gruul run

Postby ageeoop » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:31 pm

Greetings, posting this on Complexity, Death Jesters, Rageborn, and Synergy forums as I have talked to or know some people in these guilds who might have interest in this.

This Friday night starting around 8pm server I would like to invite you guys to an “alt” Gruul run. Firstly this is contingent upon officer approval from each guild, as I do not want to create any problems with your raiding schedules or raiding ID’s. I am pretty sure Friday night is not a raid night for any of these guilds so if you find yourself bored and sitting around with nothing to do (and your officers are ok with it) feel free to join us.

I will start invites a bit before 8:00 so feel free to pm me as soon as I log on, I will be on my alt Odaddy. It would be ideal to get a representative (or even officer) from each guild to handle that guilds invites etc…

We will just use pug loot rules (one epic per person). The purpose of this is to just have a bit of fun, maybe get our alts something more than kara gear, get a chance to raid with old friends, and perhaps make some new ones =)

Bit of a disclaimer:

I have no idea if we will actually get enough people who are willing to do this. Going on a co-op effort with some other end game guilds might be seen as a taboo, since the competitive nature of end game raiding seems to create an aversion to raiding with other non-guild raiders (even on alts). I guess it will be up to us to break that stereo type, I would really like to though, because there seems to be enough trash talking going on at times, I would love to see us work together and do something constructive. I think if we have enough show up this would be a lot of fun, so please keep an open mind.
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