Ulduar Hax

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Ulduar Hax

Postby Sparty » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:11 am

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-achi ... vel+Family

Killed 3 Drake on 4/22, *multiple* hard mode Ulduar kills on 4/25, including some that you shouldn't even be able to do at the same time, all while having weak gear and a guild armory that reads like a bunch of scrubby failures.

Either someone is dipping into some GM hax, or there's a new version of the Rampage bug (infinite AP). That warrior has a single hit on his stats page for 353 MILLION damage, for example.

Coincidentally, 353 mil is the amount of health 4 tower Leviathan has.

Threads are all being deleted.

Orbit-uary with no shutdowns, nice. 205 second heroic XT as well. Some pretty quick and impressive kills for a tank with 26k unbuffed.

SOOOOO..... pew pew alot of conspiricists huh?

So without any names cause really its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS....an item was given to a guildy from a gm for neglect to an issue(we are assuming) that wasnt handled properly four months ago. This item is called "Martin Fury" (wowdb.com look it up) it was "plate" has 100 charges and says "cheater" on it, thus we will admit to being just that...not exploiters or w/e else you all came up with. We took this item into the new content and used it!!! (go ahead start posting all your honest lil angel stories now on how you wouldn't have) that is how such huge hit were dealt to these bosses. the item does exactly what it says "Use: Kills all enemies in a 30 yard radius."

Go ahead call us what you want; why don't you start your complaints at the source, ask blizzard for one. we decided to use this to its utmost ability, gain the most out of its limited use and have fun doing it. we don't care about the "pixels" (gear) we got we did what bosses we did because we did not waste it on trash. we were not out for some "realm first" achievments its a game. i don't think anyone here got money and a luncheon with the president for doign a realm first. your all crying about pixels in a GAME. stop for real, get out sometime. take your kids to the park or yourself for that matter have some fun outside of the box in front of your face right now. we got an item, we used it , you all cried......if blizzard sees so fit as to ban us all by all means ban us for using an item that YOU gave us. i will use the money else where....cmon its not the end of the world....of warcraft. maybe for some of you it would be and that is truely sad.

happy gaming

Yep, Guildmaster has Martin Fury - Items - WOWDB equipped in the Armory.

Grats to some GM losing his job.
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