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Death Jesters Player Bios

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:23 pm
by Sparty
Spearheaded by Loganis, we(mostly he) have created quick bios of our current and casual/retired players.

Similar to the yearly Quotebook, these should give non-guild players another glimpse into what kind of amazing people we have in the guild. Hopefully it is an atmosphere that many more will want to be part of. And it should come as a friendly reminder to each Death Jester, how much we value and appreciate everyone's contribution to the guild over the past five years.

Loganis will be releasing more on a weekly basis and then I'm sure we'll write one up for him ;)

Dominique - Odds are if there's talk of an achievement on vent, or in guild chat, this is the man behind it. Not only does he rack up the achievement points, he also finds a way to nab many patterns, mounts, and of course boss kills. A long-standing core member of the raid team, Dom has been a solid rogue for countless raids and is truly dedicated to the guild. I mean come on...who raids while his wife is in labor? (yes, it's true..."Guys the contractions are getting pretty close")

Kariuto - Reliable, skilled, teamplayer...all of these describe Kar. When you hear you term "huntard", imagine the opposite and you'd have Kar. One of a select group of applicants that impressed right from the start with his attitude and skill. An avid theorycrafter who is always around to share ideas, strategies, and to continue making his way towards 200,000 HKs.

Thorbear - An ex-warrior tank for the guild, Thorbear has played a part in many of Death Jesters' kills. Nowadays, if he's not falling asleep on his keyboard, he's fighting to finish atop the dps meters. His other known aliases are Moodybear and Sleepybear. Although we believe that he gets moody due to lack of sleep, or maybe, he doesn't get enough sleep because he's too moody...whatever, move to America or Canada already. You'll get better ping!!!

Sparty - Dictator? Genius? Tyrant? Passionate leader? Cocksucker? All those terms, and many more, have been used to describe the man known as Sparty. Which is he? Well that depends solely on who you ask. Ask an ex-member who got /gkicked, and he's a cocksucker. Ask one of the many members who have been around for years, and he's a passionate leader. A bona fide "power healer" who has given his all for the guild in more ways than he'd care to admit, Sparty has been leading by example with his performance for many years. Bottom line...he's led a guild that's pushed high-end progression for close to 5 years now, and no matter what you call him or think of him, he's going to keep leading and pushing content for many years to come. That is if he doesn't develop a brain tumor due to people forgetting to use their healthstone. Stay alive or you could kill our leader.

Ziax - A player who was first better known for using the letter "z" instead of "s" whenever he typed something (Yez it'z ztupid, for zome reazon he inzizted on typing like that). However, that soon changed when we realized the skills he brought to the table. From applicant to member to officer to raid leader, it's been nothing short of a meteoric rise for Ziax. As a raid leader, he's as "cool as the other side of the pillow" and spends many hours researching the encounters ahead of time. To quote a member, "ziax is the new rootleaf"...that is a kickazz compliment.

Atmai - Originally part of the now famed "Sunwell package deal" that wasn't really a package deal (since we don't take them), Atmai brought with him a boatload of skill and the experience of being a leader. Soon enough this was noticed, and he replaced the gap left by Oafijev in the officer core when Oaf went to make babies. By that I mean, if you have what is regarded in Death Jesters as a "sand-related" issue, you whisper Atmai...preferably late at night of course. Atmai has also shined in his role as part of the recruitment team here with his knack for finding talent.

Coratina - One of the few reliable prot pallies around, Cora has been a breath fresh air with his contributions to strategies and overall good communication with other members. Generally these attributes are rarely seen from applicants so quickly, but Cora is an exception to that rule. He understands part of being a good tank, is good communication. We always know when Cora is about to say something on vent before he speaks, since there's always some sort of screams of death or orgasms in the background. Dude, wtf are you always watching on TV? Snuff films? You're scaring us.

Galvin - An ex-Rageborn core member, Galvin decided to apply to Death Jesters once Rageborn disbanded. To our surprise, unlike most people who have preceding reputations for being good, Galvin lived up to it by making member quite quickly. His committment to improvement, calm demeanor, and passion for the game were swiftly noticed. Whether we're wiping on a potential guild first kill at 1%, or killing a boss that's on farm, his tone of voice doesn't change. Always posting about the latest game changes and information, Galvin is of the mold we hope more applicants fit.

Essus - Essus (aka DPessus) is a member that's pretty easy to find when we're looking for him. Either he's fighting for 1st on the dps meters, making more money on one of his alts, or criticising almost every decison we make in our strategy channel. Wait a second...this guy is actually quite annoying. Think about it, he has many characteristics that tend to annoy most people...basically he's rich, extremely talented, and opinionated. Why do we keep him around again? That's right, we're stuck with him since his damage output scares away all of our lock apps. Eh, whatever (that's right, I stole your line!).

Modera - Blac...Modera defines what you would call a no nonsense member. If he has an issue with something, you'll know asap as he's not one to shy away from the tough questions. His forthright demeanor and proclivity to approach every raid fully prepared sets an example that we're proud of. Whether it's ptr, a boss on farm, a progression kill, Blac...Modera is always there to give 110%. If he happens to mess up, which is rare, he's the first to admit it and he's likely more mad at himself than anyone is at him.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:55 pm
by Sparty
Rootleaf - One of Death Jesters most decorated and beloved members. Rootleaf is a current officer and ex-raid leader who will always be remembered as the "good cop" raid leader (as opposed to Onewarf's bad cop, more on this in Onewarf's bio). His calm demeanor, tactical savvy, and exceptional performance were just a few things that made him an unforgettable raider and raid leader. The voice of reason in the midst of a debate, he's always around to throw a rational idea out there when needed. Truly one of Sparty's finest choices when selecting to make him an officer. Athough his raiding days are over, he continues to make contributions to the guild from his now retired position.

Onewarf - The "bad cop" raid leader in his heyday, Onewarf has led many successful DJ raids. Although I'm certain there were many of us who wanted to find out where he lived and literally bash his skull in at times, but you couldn't deny he had a way of getting shit done. He's also famous for pioneering the DJ mage channel as the place to be...if you love being a part of the random, abrasive, and insulting commentary that takes place there (this only from what I've heard, as I'm scared to enter that channel). Sadly, and probably for his own well-being, Onewarf has stepped down from raid leading and into the casual ranks. In summation, he's an asshole...but one of those lovable assholes (see Marxman to contrast).

Marxman - I'm sure I speak for the masses in DJ when I the fuck did he become a member? Currently an infamous casual here, all i can say is he's lucky i was wasn't doing the recrutiing back then, or he'd have no shot. An ex-mage who rerolled a hunter for Wrath, and voted most likely to reroll a worgen-something for the next xpac, Marx continues to perplex many of us by not getting gkicked for a plethora of reasons. I'm certain he's paying Sparty something, or doing some sort of favor for him, but I can't put my finger on it yet. Oh, and unlike Onewarf, Marx isn't a loveable asshole, he's just an asshole. Ok ok, maybe you think i'm too harsh, if so my guess is you haven't met him. Anyway, I guess he helps out on occasion when needed, but certainly not for helping us interview people. Yeah dude, come can't think of 3 questions? Jesus.

Sakasein - The offical mountwhore of DJ, Sakasein is a current officer and full-time raider. He's super quick to throw a HoT on anything, but even quicker to ninja fragments of Val'anyr. The Leader of the Brofist Clan, Saka does more than his share of work to help the guild. He handles the looting, queueing, DJP, among other things. A true workhorse, he's no doubt one of the most important figures in this guild. Although I stand by my word, if he gets the mount from Arthas i will /gquit (I can't stand that he wishes me bad luck everytime I go into ZG, and I think it's working because I get jackshit everytime).

Oafijev - The master of solving sand-related issues, Oaf has since stepped down into the casual ranks due to his baby-making skills. When we recruit priests, we tend to ask ourselves one main question...can this recruit rise to be the next Oaf? A staple officer of DJ, Oaf has been around for many years and has been a great factor in shaping the guild into what it is today. His logical advice is always welcome when making any crucial guild decison. Even though he's not around much anymore, Oaf is one of those players you cannot forget. Especially because for whatever reason, his natural ability to solve problems was somehow heightened at 3am in the morning.

Megwynne - During his time here at DJ Meg has become somewhat of a father figure to many players (some might even say grandfather figure), but not because of the conventional reasons some would attribute to father figure types. There is simply one reason for it, but everyone here knows why. An exceptional healer when he first joined DJ during BC, Meg has since made the switch to Ret for Wrath. I presume many would agree with the concept that a truly good player can play any class/spec well, and for Meg, this concept applies. His dps is just as good as his healing was back then. A key player in any raid he's in, Meg performs well no matter what role we ask him to fill.

Noodleswoop - A poster child for dedication, Noodle worked harder to earn a spot than most of the apps we've had in the guild's history. Unlike most apps who enter a guild and somehow grow a sense of entitlement after 2 weeks, Noodle understood that fighting to become a member of DJ is worth the time and effort. It's been a long-standing DJ tradition to keep people around so long as we see improvement, and Noodle did just that. His dedication paid off, and now you'll find Noodle in for most of the guild's progression kills. Moreover, he improved his chance of getting into those progression kills even further by collecting highend gear to play his offspec, his off offspec, and his off off offspec.

Etratrix - A former mage who found his true calling as a stellar Resto Shaman, Etra has been keeping people alive with little problems since his main switch. He has been a prime example of loyalty within the guild, and due to that and other factors, was rightfully promoted to officer and co-raid leader with Ziax. His detailed and insightful threads regarding boss strategies have been a big help to the guild. Not to mention, whenever he raises his voice during a raid, we seem to perform better. Not sure if that's due to the tactical advice, or the fact his voice gets louder and louder to a point where you'll do anything to kill the boss. Personally, I found correlation between my dps rising and Etra's voice rising. Maybe that's just me.

Alunara - There seems to be a consensus amongst most raiders in Warcraft that generally girls are either drama queens or they're crazy, whether it's a fair assessment or not is obviously up for debate. Although I can say with the utmost confidence, that Alunara does not fit into either of those categories. A current officer (and the guild's drug dealer), she's always around help with anything needed. Whether it's a raid, a 5 man, crafting something, or whatever is needed, she's genuinely committed to aiding the guild in anyway possible. A veteran of the guild and the game itself, Alunara is the type of officer any guild would benefit from.

Thek - Another former mage (named DK - "drift king" or "donkey kong", no ones knows what it stands for expect him) who made a smooth transtition to a Shaman, Thek is the type of a player who always puts the guild first when making decisons. His selflessness is always apparent whether he's being asked to switch specs for a fight, helping with a loot council decision, or assisting in the strategy channel. Did I also mention he's a first-rate player no matter what class or spec he's playing? An honorable veteran of the guild, we can only hope we recruit more players who have an attitude akin to Thek's.