Icecrown Recipe Exchange Proposal

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Icecrown Recipe Exchange Proposal

Postby mideci2 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:27 pm

Integrity, Death Jesters, Critical Mass, Midnight Sanctuary:

With the release of Icecrown and new craftable items using Primordial Saronite (nee Icecrown Thing of Crafting Things), we propose a recipe exchange program. It appears the recipes will require spending the Primordial Saronite drop just to acquire them and as such there's a constrained resource that we probably don't all want to spend over and over -- at least not initially.

There are 9 boot recipes (that require Honored rep with Ashen Verdict to purchase) and 9 pants recipes (that require Revered rep with Ashen Verdict to purchase). It turns out they are divided otherwise as 6 blacksmithing, 4 tailoring, 8 leatherworking.

If all 5 guilds buy in, we could divide the initial purchases as follows:

4 tailoring
4 leatherworking
4 leatherworking
3 blacksmithing
3 blacksmithing

... with each of those line items being purchased by one guild initially (specific recipes to be delineated upon agreement of the 5 guilds).

I'd like to try to get buy in from the appropriate people this week, so we can see who is and is not on board. To accommodate this, I have posted this here and the Integrity, CM, and MS boards as well. I am hoping to communicate with Heliaster, Shadycasting, Sparty and Charsi early this raid week to get it all sorted out.

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