Casualdar Recruitment
May 13th, 2009

That is exactly what it has come down to. Ulduar the giant crotchpot of raiding. It is the reason attunements should have been reinstated. So that the mouthbreathing idiot in <IM A MORON HUAHUAHUA> would not be lagging the entire Ulduar25 server with their failures on Flame Leviathan. The lucky ones getting any hard-mode progress done are the ones raiding odd hours when no one else is.

In other news, we are still looking to fill a few ranged dps for hard-modes, and really exceptional players in general. Mages, Warlocks, Hunters, anyone looking to finish their raiding career in one place.

If you spend 5 minutes on an application giving us the bare minimum, you should probably join <IM A MORON HUAHUAHUA>. If you want a serious consideration from one of the oldest raiding guilds on the server, submit a serious application. We save all the special apps for our own amusement.

P.S: I have a surprise for everyone soon.

Hey Boo Boo, there is an orange in that pic-a-nic basket...
April 26th, 2009

We are still recruiting a mage and a warlock to fill empty roster spots.

'72 Summit Series all over again...
April 2nd, 2009

Most of you know about the Russian 10man Sartharion kill. So we decided to match it with our own version - except with a bunch of casual/retired players.

The kicker is that not everyone died unlike in the group of elite Russians.
We will give credit where its due though, they were the first 10man to zerg 3 drakes.

Group Composition:
1 Prot Paladin
1 Holy Paladin
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Unholy Death Knight
3 Fire Mages
1 Fury Warrior
1 Feral Druid

Video will be up sometime next week. And I expect many other guilds will be killing him this way now.

WWS: http://wowwebstats.com/ezgikreuin4no

Next: 25

April 2nd
April 2nd, 2009

I am not sure which is more amazing, the fact that people believed the news update from yesterday, or people still not understanding April Fools after we explained it was April 1st.

Kudos to Charsi of CM for adding onto the joke.

A thank you to everyone for your gifts in the mail and the anonymous troll.

And thank you for brightening our day yesterday, your messages will go down in the quotebook. :)

Sparty the Crapbringer of Stormrage no more.
April 1st, 2009

This morning I logged on to set our daily auction sales to find that he had removed all of the Abyss Crystals and most of the Guildbank money.

In a Gaidal repeat, Sparty was visibly upset from not winning the vote for the Ulduar Legendary Mace.
The joke is on him. A GM is in the process of restoring the lost materials and gold.

I am not sure of his plans but I would ask that everyone on Stormrage send Sparty care packages of blacksmith hammers so that he is forever stuck here.

I will be handing off leadership to one of the other officers after we decide what to do with it.

Ulduar Prep.
March 30th, 2009

This picture never gets old.

With the 3.1 patch coming in a few weeks, we are still looking to fill out our Ulduar roster with more outstanding players.

1 Shadowpriest with Disc/Holy gear.
1 Rogue
1 Warlock

We are always looking for exceptional players and will seriously consider potential applicants. If you think you can replace one of our main raiders, we welcome you to try, and everyone would appreciate the competition for a raiding spot.

This Ad is Paid for by the Crown Prince of Dubai...
March 10th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of the representatives of VentriloServers.biz. They offered us a 75 slot server in return for killing shit. You mean I no longer have to pay for vent and we get to do what we do best? Sign me up.

Maybe with all the money we save, we can finally pay for someone to interview us. Amusingly enough, the same end-game raiding guilds that were interviewed by World of Raids, are now also sponsored by the same Vent company.

Achievement Unlocked: Defeat Lag
February 3rd, 2009

For Connor and Duncan:

That was only worth 10 points?

Look how fast that ugly thing goes...
February 2nd, 2009

Since Tuesday, people have been finishing their Glory of the Raider achievements for those pretty proto drakes. We will be able to finish our dailies quicker now! But really, we just sit around on our thumbs, waiting for Ulduar to be released, leveling that fourth alt. Same ole story - the server dies on raid days, angsty teenagers still post on Stormrage boards, and Naxxramas chat is the new Molten Core.

When something worthwhile happens, there will be a post.

Oh, there was something. We were 15 minutes away from changing our domain name to www.death-jesters.se to go back to our roots.

For now, entertain yourselves with the 2008 quotebook.

In the Twilight Zone, server firsts occur...
January 2nd, 2009

While the majority of good players were cowering behind internet anonymity on various forums, Sartharion and friends met their demise. To what is unarguably the most difficult encounter in the game right now, all that was needed was four hours of work.

Congrats Sholto on your new mount!

Higher Learning: Cliff Notes
December 30th, 2008

As is customary at the end of each year, we include many screenshots, quotes and pictures from the past year. These quotes give you a glimpse into the atmosphere of Death Jesters, how we raid, and why we are who we are. Some of them are inside jokes, will make you laugh, or piss you off, but everyone is fair game :) In addition to this teaser, we have been humbled by www.worldofraids.com to be their Guild Spotlight for the week. Have a gander at their website for an in-depth interview with our leadership.
Below is this years teaser for the end of the year screenshots, tune in within the next couple of days for the full deal :)

Merry Christmas from the Death Jesters Family!
December 24th, 2008

We would like to wish everyone on Stormrage a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Besides the yearly Christmas Cards I send out to guildies, and friends of DJs, I have a few more gifts for the Stormrage community starting later today.

Have a good one folks, check back often for your gifts!

Sheepo Bugas Gecko!
December 12th, 2008

Since I wasnt there to take a screenshot of the kill, or for the kill itself, I hired an artist for this update:

That will teach you to kill shit without me.

Congrats on your stupid mount Onewarf.

Hey, and I somehow got saved to the instance too, thanks guys! Salt in the wound.

Friends in High 'Aces...
November 30th, 2008

This has been the only kill worth an update since Blizzard has changed the raid difficulty setting to: So easy even a PvPer can do it.

It took a 1% wipe Wednesday evening for our raiders to get off their asses and do the Aces High daily which resulted in a one shot kill tonight. Maybe we can listen to our raid leaders sooner next time? ;)

WTS Black War Bear, 200k.
October 22nd, 2008

While the forum trolls were clearing sand out of their vaginas over my news posts(apparently some had their feelings hurt), Death Jesters and Integrity of Stormrage cleared out the leaders of the Horde.

We appreciate the horde for showing up to defend their leaders, it would not have been fun without you. Congratulations on your Black War Bears.

On Player and Guild Integrity...
September 29th, 2008

Not the guild of nice peoples, its actually DJ story time! Actually, theres only a few little stories but most I will save the rest for our forums on a later date.

A long time ago - probably 4 months ago, I had a chat with a dps warrior that was carried to Gladiator rank on his previous server. We chatted a bit about how his application was going, World of Warcraft ideals, personality theories and the like. In our little chat I stated how we were striving to be a top US guild, better than we ever would have. He didnt think it was possible, mainly because our players sucked. Yes, the gladiator-carried-warrior-applicant said we sucked. Not understanding a slam rotation and what speed fury weapons he should use had nothing to do with it. Kick everyone out that dies on x and y encounter and you will have a strong guild Sparty! I know this because every guild I have been to in the past three years has fallen apart. Yes :) That is exactly what we did. I tried to make him understand, that there was progress to be made in Sunwell, but not at the expense of guild integrity. Guild and player integrity I tried to reason, held together or broke a guild. It was the reason guilds like Risen fell apart. The reason why top guilds were not true guilds with real player atmospheres, but a few core officers with hired mercenaries. Mercenary guilds where players logged on solely to raid and nothing more. It was the reason that players stopped playing the game, left us, transferred off, but eventually came back for the Death Jesters atmosphere. It was how we killed shit, how we had fun, and what it meant to be a DJ. I dont think I ever got through to this poor guy.

Another story that dates back approximately four months. I was speaking to a paladin named after a disease, about him playing more casually. He told me that cooking school was starting up again and he had a dream of being a sandwich chef. As always with Death Jesters leadership, we were understanding. I love sandwiches. Thats why we have a casual rank in the guild. While no guild owns players, if players dont agree with our policies, or if players no longer wish to be guilded here, we simply ask them to do the adult thing and let us know. We are not sure why it takes more balls to tell someone you are leaving, but these raisin gonads were no where to be seen in this case. You see kids, we have had players ninja gquit on us before, citing school reasons, lack of playtime, but never in my 4 years of playing, have I ever had someone server transfer mid-conversation with me. Yes, it happened. We laughed, took screenshots, we replaced, and we moved on.

We had an enhancement shaman ninja gquit on us around the same time. This anecdote isnt very exciting except he got his account banned for trying to sell his account. Karma wins.

There is an Angry Gquitter List on our forums filled with names and fun stories that we have had over the years. How did this list start you ask? The very first one many of you wont remember. This player was tanking in UBRS and tanking Warchief Blackhand facing the raid. If you remember back 3 years ago, Blackhand does a cone breath in front of him. I asked him on vent to turn him around about five times before he yelled I was in the fucking marines, I dont have to fucking listen to you. That was the last we saw of our veteran space marine.

You know kids, a lot of the garbage players have transferred or are transferring off Stormrage. I understand that many of you are ecstatic about this. But who else will we ignore in trade chat? The players that could not cut it in PvE and had to PvP are gone now. They couldnt even kill scripted dragons :( So off they go to PvP servers, onto greener pastures, where they can gank non-scripted kiddies until they can sleep soundly again.

While I understand the allure of PvP, and coming from a PvP background myself in EQ with the Test of Tactics, it can be pretty fun with an enormous amount of strategy involved. A lot of players speak of amazing PvPers and the notion it translates well to PvE. We had a hunter that was praised to be amazing, but for the life of me, I didnt know any hunters that were so situationally unaware in Kil Jaeden.

And finally, one of my favourites:

The quality of the player and thus the guild, is the most important thing in this game. Skill can be attained, most players can learn to kill scripted dragonz, but a person cannot change who they are. We cannot change who that person is. If a guilds members choose to invade our class channels, that says a lot about the quality of the people in the guild. Players on Stormrage know which guilds have built a respectful reputation on this server, and which guilds have all caps in their name. Every player that joins out team, and our family of raiders, understands that everything they say and do, represents not only them, but all of us.

We have lost good members over the years. Some have stopped playing the game, and others that have since started their own successful raiding guilds- Learning from the mistakes we made here I hope. We have also lost players like in the stories above which we know that will be bitten in the ass by karma. We have learned who we can count on in Sunwell, and who we cannot. Which players will continue to dominate in WotLK, and which players may ultimately be seeing content last.

Why a screenshot of us in Naxxramas? For some reason, players want to continue killing shit together even though Kil Jaeden is on farm and none of the upgrades are worth it. Something has kept this guild alive and strong, and I just cant put my finger on it.

Killed Jaeden
September 8th, 2008

You can thank Rootleaf for the title. We have been waiting since Beta to use it.

The kill was the culmination of a lot of hard work from the officer core, those present for the kill, the players that had worked tirelessly on him, and the Jesters that were cheering us on from Guildchat. I cant say enough what a huge weight it is off my shoulders to have him dead and I am sure many would agree having the same feeling. We didnt do it by stacking warlocks, or using warglaives, it was just the DJ determination and probably the best situational awareness that we have ever seen.

At time the of the kill, Wowprogress had us pinged at 78th US. Not bad for the premier Swedish guild of Stormrage.

I hope everyone that worked so hard for this kill enjoys their much deserved break and shortened raid week. Time for all of us to catch up on some of that real life and lower the aggro on our wives and girlfriends.

Since our guild received a set of Beta keys a while ago, you will see us testing encounters in WotLK.

August 26th, 2008

Hmm something worthwhile to post... We have hired a professional Webdesigner to redo our website, or rather update it to 2008 standards since we are still living in 1985. Expect a sleeker design and more useful things to click!

As well, with the expansion looming in the horizon, the raiding machine will keep moving until the expansion is live. And with a Fall raiding schedule starting up, we are looking to fill a few spots in our raiding roster. We want players that are want to see all BC content cleared well before the expansion and want a home for Wrath of the Lich King. If you need a stable raiding guild for the rest of your WoW career, visit our forums to see what we are about.

Get the fuck out...
July 16th, 2008

Of the void zones. But really, this encounter has been nothing short of a large headache for us.

It has however, been non-stop progression. Those of us that have been here since we tried him on PTR know that inch by inch, we clawed our way to a kill. Each wipe, was some kind of learning. And there were a lot of wipes.

Though I cant help but feel a little cheated with the nerfs to the encounter. What would have been kills, were 3% wipes. The next day, Lady Luck gave us the finger when the server crashed. and the encounter, with some transitional adjustments, was quicker, easier.

We did not have to recruit and use any warglaives, or stack five or six warlocks. This was pure, hardcore, DJ dedication. We did not stack our raid, or over recruit the guild for a kill, this was an old fashioned grind. Every bit of this kill was earned by those that learned it with us and were cheering us on from outside. Congrats again Jesters, one to go.

Filling the Void for Entropius
June 24th, 2008

Im clever, I know. And I am sure everyone enjoys me reusing this old killshot.

With Entropius nearing death, we are looking for fill a few spots for the rest of Sunwell as well as looking for players that are looking for a stable home well into the next expansion. We are looking for team players that want to better themselves and their guild. We want players that are dedicated and want to earn a spot in the longest running raiding guild on the server.

We have no issues with gearing players, or giving people a shot, but it is upto the player to prove to us that they are worth our time and investment. If you feel you have the right attitude, can put forth the effort, and can earn a spot here, visit our recruitment section. We are always looking for able players of any class.

June 21st, 2008

Coming soon.

Lucky Monday Strikes Again
May 20th, 2008

Over the past three years, some of our more memorable first kills have come on Monday. Yesterday was no exception. In the couple weeks of work with a strat overhaul, we destroyed the Twin Emps. Hard is easy and we were rewarded with 4 more precious motes.

Though I couldnt fit into the screenshot, a number of other Jesters including Ailinna, Lebrun, Nebshar, and Peacekeeper made the kill possible. Excellent work Jesters, two to go.

A Salute to Our Paladin Reserves
May 10th, 2008

As many of you know, I am currently in Europe over a period of two weeks looking to recruit more European(Swedish) players into our ranks. What this means is that we are generally a paladin short since I am raiding on European time(12:30AM-5:00AM). What many would say is simply stupid and addictive, we like to call Death Jester dedication.

To combat our Paladin handicap, Braznyr(Vhee) and Gagecrean(Oafijev) have helped fill the void of Paladins missing due lag, disconnects and Swedish kidnapping. Gagecrean has done such a phenomenal job buffing the raid on both Brutallus and Felmyst that has led to easy kills of both bosses. As well, Braznyr with his elite tanking blues and tier 4 tanking equipment, has done an amazing job tanking Felmyst Skeletons. Without our Paladin Reserves, neither kill would have been repeated from the week before. Remember kids, these two paladin alts, have seen more Brutallus and Felmyst, than many main Paladins in lesser Sunwell guilds. And yet they still choose to continue with less Swedish guilds.

Here is a drink, from wherever I am in Europe to our Paladin Reserves.

Använd Din Hälsasten!
April 28th, 2008

Gryta nere, drick era arane pots! Up, ner, up, in mellan hennes ben, det är hur DJ vent låter.

Sjysst gjort killar, allt föll på plats för ett näst intill perfect kill.

Death Jesters Need More? No Wai.
April 16th, 2008

Indeed it is true. Players get bored, players get lazy, players get replaced. A Paladin that is the last to die, loves to get yelled at. Two warlocks that enjoy mimicking mages, or at least have amusing pet names. And two shadowpriests that understand spell priority. Somehow Karazhan gear allows you to skip two full tiers of content and apply to a Sunwell raiding guild. They always seem to have gear gemmed with things that have a slightly higher stat bonus than rock candy (+0 Damage, +5 Delicious, +20% Fail). Players well versed in competence a plus. I am sure some of the new badge gear will allow some players to be geared up to a capable level. Read the recruitment threads, apply, and you may get your shiny bicycle.

Everything Counts, in Large Amounts...
April 8th, 2008

Patchwerk 2.0 indeed.

Straightforward fight, but you have to squeeze out every bit of German(Swedish) efficiency that you can. Kalecgos and Brutallus first kill vids will be posted sometime this week.

As well, I read a fairly accurate comparison of American to Swedish raiding:

Those damn Euros just know raiding...you listen to a Euro vent when they are burning the last few % off a boss and its like (Alright then chaps, letss increase dps a bit now shall we? There we are, 1% ....very nice work mates)


And the stupid American guild leaders always say shit like (I love you guys) when they down Nefarian for the first time.

No Name Changes Here...
April 2nd, 2008

We are too busy killing shit to change our name. Or rather I am not stupid enough to click on a keylogger.

Though I am sure I would change it to Death Yesters to be clever - our Swedish counterpart.

I changed my mind btw, we are raiding again.

Thats all folks!
April 1st, 2008

This was the final kill of the Death Jesters. We survived raiding Molten Core to Sunwell. Our members have killed every boss in the game. I missed five first Death Jester kills, this was the last.

My back hurts from carrying around idiots that dont want to read strats or enchant their shoulders. I am tired of holding hands. I am tired of idiots playing in first person, aggroing Ouro, or not being able to click a portal in front of their faces, and then arguing with me that they did it correctly.

In all seriousness, the Leadership of Death Jesters no longer wishes to continue with the raiding grind or continue playing this game, so we are becoming a casual dumbass PvP guild. I have lost faith in Blizzard and am tired of their incompetence with encounters and patches. Notch another to casuals I suppose. I have also emailed Wowjutsu to take us off their rankings.

Peace out bitches. You can find me playing Sins of a Solar Empire or doing heroics for badges(t6 loot). I will keep my account active until my Figureprints comes in.

Christmas Comes Early....
March 21st, 2008

What? Christmas already? No silly goose, we didnt get 16 mounts in a box. While some classic Karmic Justice is being served elsewhere, a number of dedicated and skilled Jesters have ironed out 16 War Bears. That number is rising every week with each ZA reset. There are few things more hilarious than to be charging in with ten or fifteen War Bears and have half a team of Horde /afk out to change their pants.

As the ground shook furiously with the pounding of War Bears, much hilarity ensued in the cleanup. Hopefully you will see 40 War Bears of the Death Jesters stampeding through AV in the next patch.

And remember kids, dont share your account info or click where you are not supposed to.

March 18th, 2008

With 2.4 on the near horizon, we have been preparing for the assault on Sunwell. A dozen Leatherworkers have popped out of nowhere, thousands of herbs have been farmed up, PTR has been tested thoroughly, our alts are ready to help out with dailies and we all have offspec Protector pieces saved up.

The first round of videos has been uploaded to the website and you can view it under the Gallery section. Most of these are first kills of bosses or just really well done boss videos. You are all welcome to download them, I will be watching bandwidth to see how it goes. Hopefully the rest of our videos will turn up and I can post them along with our Green Dragon videos with other guilds in action.

Yes, Im sure everyone will love to see some quality Green Dragon videos. Perhaps Rootleafs Gambit will be shown too. (If you dont know what Rootleafs Gambit is, view the 2007 screenshots.) Glorious Battle.

And finally, we are still in need of a shadow priest. Recruitment section has been updated on our forums to accommodate 2.4

Wanted: Videos
February 22nd, 2008

Over the past three years we have produced a lot of videos for the guild. From our first Onyxia kill to Nef, to Twin Emps and Cthun. Our players made a handful of videos during the Naxxramas era and we have a few more in BC. I have started uploading all of the videos I have because our new host can support the traffic and over the next few days you should see videos under the Gallery section of the website. I am however looking for some of our lost videos: Fankriss, Ouro, Anub, Faerlina, Maexxna, Gluth, Broodlord to Nef, and really anything that we have made and is missing over the next few days. Send me a tell in game or email me with what you have, we will be eternally grateful :)

As well, we are still looking for an active shadowpriest and a warrior or two to add to the Sunwell roster.

This Week(Year) in Death Jesters...
February 8th, 2008

If you manage to see Slugfoot, Snuggles and Killek in the same place, you win a prize. They must be one person.

New Host, Fun Times...
February 1st, 2008

So I am happy to say that we have moved everything to our new host at Branzone. We were tired of dealing with Godaddy/Hugehosts garbage and have moved to much greener pastures. As most of you have noticed already, the website is much faster and should not have the downtime that our previous host brought us. As well, we will finally be able to host the video section on our site with no problems.

In another news, congrats to Aloris for completing his Warglaives. And as you know kids, what goes around, comes around.

And finally, we would like to finish our Sunwell roster with one shadowpriest, one hunter, and one DPS warrior. You know what it takes, you know what kind of guild this is. And if you dont, read quotes from 2007.

Website Move and Update
January 25th, 2008

We are moving to a new host over the next week. Likely around the last few days of January the move should be underway.

In other news, we are trying to keep ourselves occupied with 2 day raid weeks while waiting for Sunwell. Finishing up gear sets, leveling alts and ZA timed runs are keeping us busy. Otherwise we are just enjoying our free time and waiting for Sunwell to hit PTR.

As well, we are looking for one experienced shadow-priest to add to our longterm roster.

Stay in school kids, see you from our new host.

A little older, a little wister, a lot more ass kicking...
December 24th, 2007

Really, its been quite a spectacular year. Many firsts, many new adventures. We really have not had a better year in our 3 year history. We went through our highs and our troughs over this past year. We pulled through stronger than before each time. The amount of dedication and sacrifice put forth by the members of this guild has truly been paramount. This would be the perfect time to announce my retirement from WoW. But I wont. It will be a true honor and pleasure to lead the Death Jesters into 2008.

We have made many new friends this year. New faces have joined us, others we have been sad to see go. The Stormrage community has been absolutely essential in making our time here so enjoyable. Truly, I hope we see many more of you on our doorstep, there will always be a welcome wave or roar from one of us.

Hello and goodbye, as always.

The longest running raiding guild of Stormrage wishes you a very merry Christmas.

Completion and Karma...
November 16th, 2007

We last left our heroes at the summit of the Black Temple, with a mangled Demon Hunter corpse at their feet. Since then, most have enjoyed their much shortened raid week. Time to catch up with that social life, reclaim wives, girlfriends, significant others.

We have however taken the time to clear old content, content we missed before the Burning Crusade. One of the glaring issues with Death Jesters and Vanilla WoW was that we were always a very small guild. Compared to some of the larger zerging guilds, we were just a handful of players. So while other guilds completed encounters with their full raids, we had to make due without ideal compositions, or kill bosses with a much smaller raid group.

Now we have a smaller group of people, bursting with skill, dedication and enthusiasm and we have breezed through encounters. So while some of those past guilds that griefed us on Emerald Dragons in the past are struggling to see Illidan before the expansion, we just want to say that it couldnt have happened to nicer people. When you play as assholes with the maturity of children, karma bites you in the ass.

So while they struggle to understand pet bars and how to outrun Doomfires, we went back on our offdays to complete some of the fun encounters we missed. Even some old DJs came out of retirement to see some of these bosses die.

Cthun felt the wrath of the hammer:

The Horsemen were slain and the first Ashbringer was revealed:

Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream was slain during our guild meeting:

And finally, a small group of Feydakin liberated Zulaman this past Wednesday.

All in all, its been very relaxing raiding these last few weeks. Raiding is cheap, people are having fun, and 2.3 has given us a few more things to do. See you kids next update.

Was there a quest for this guy?
November 2nd, 2007

Thats all folks. I cant say enough, how much dedication has been put forth by so many members over these last couple months clearing Black Temple. Really, we are at our strongest point as a guild since our January 2005 founding. Kills like tonight are why I keep leading this guild. Its the incredible effort, dedication, teamwork, sacrifices that people have made, that help keep this guild strong and keep people coming back for more. To have been running a skeleton crew for so long, with good recruits so hard to find, and then every one picking up the slack, meanwhile.

And of course, our garbage players. Without the blessing bots, bi-polar hunters, dwarf/shadow priests, controlling mages, jealous Stormrage players, we simply would not be as strong of a guild as we are today. And wherever all of you are, that have left or been removed over the past two and a half years. Whether you are still clearing Karazhan, lurking on our website(as I know you are), trying to incite childish drama on forums or just proving to us that you didnt have what it took to be a team player: Thanks :)

Congrats Death Jesters, enjoy your 3 day raid week and your time off until content arrives, you earned it. The leadership of this guild has never been prouder.

Running a Skeleton Crew...
October 31st, 2007

I know, I know, we like beating encounters with less than a full raid or half the necessary classes that one generally asks for. And although the current skeleton crew of Death Jesters has been incredibly dedicated these last weeks, we would like to take some fleshlings into Sunwell and beyond. We are specifically looking for two warlocks, a restoration druid and a dps warrior. If you are a dedicated team player that is looking to progress in content for many months to come, take a look at our forums to see what we expect of our players. Happy Halloween kids, dont forget your reflective tape when you venture into BT.

One to go...
October 15th, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!
October 9th, 2007

Or Canuckistan Thanksgiving.

Rootleaf tanking her was reminiscent of Vaelastrasz 2 years ago. We had lots of fun farming hearts at 1am this weekend! Great dedication guys.

In other news, we are looking for Warlock, and Restoration Shaman to add to our team. As well we are looking for a tanking-capable warrior. See the forums if you are interested.

Spartys Merry Band of Gnomes Defeat Reliquary of Souls
October 4th, 2007

Excellent work my Feydakin, the Death Gnomes will trump Mother Shahraz next.

Final Leg of Black Temple
October 2nd, 2007

As we approach the final four bosses of Black Temple, we see ourselves beating bosses with less and less players in a raid. Its DJ style, I know, but we would really like to have a full raid kill Illidan. So we are looking for a small numbers of players that want to be part of the Death Jesters team. You should be well versed in your class mechanics and be appropriately geared to not be a liability in raids. Hyjal attunement is ideal as we rarely run Tempest Keep to attune a few applicants. We need team players, people that have participated in team settings before and understand the work that is needed in the competitive raiding scene. As well, you should be able to raid our 4-5 days a week until all content is on farm.

You should have the maturity to be playing with our guild style. Much of it is described in our guild charter. If you are looking for just any guild, we are not for you. There are many guilds slowly progressing through the Warcraft endgame, if you enjoy their personalities, they may be a better choice for you.

Finally, we are looking for a restoration druid, a restoration shaman, and a top hunter. If you have any questions at all, dont hesitate to ask an officer or otherwise visit our forums for more information.

Train to Orc Lift
September 24th, 2007

DJ train keeps rolling.

You All Suck,
September 23rd, 2007

Here is the picture:

Since I left for couple attempts and you guys killed Archimonde, I will spoil our secret strategy for when other guilds reach him:

The Flying-V

Hey guys, which side is his face?
September 16th, 2007

Excellent kill Jesters, Archimonde next. Im sure if we spent less time progressing, we could pay more attention to forum trolls.

The wheel...spins...again....
September 11th, 2007

And next week it shall spin for Teron Gorefiend once more.

Kazzak the Third
August 31st, 2007

They keep bringing him back and we keep putting him down.

Apologies to Everyone,
August 28th, 2007

Akama is in fact easier than Supremus.

No Cheating Shamans Allowed
August 27th, 2007

In another fight where restoration shamans trivialize the encounter, we will take the harder route. Next time we just wont bring a full raid.

As well, the Black Temple Void Reaver fell (Insert quip on how everyone should be killing these bosses on their first day in).
Enjoy it.

Boring Player Wanted...
August 18th, 2007

No really, we are just looking for an active MT quality Feral Druid/Warrior or a Restoration Shaman that is looking for a solid raiding spot in Death Jesters. One of our jokes is that shortly after applying, applicants and trial members run off exploring volcanoes or undersea treks that they never return from. If you are planning any such activity in the next few weeks, please do not apply to us.

We want a mature, team-player that can raid at least four or five days a week and is willing to earn their spot in this guild. If you have the time, dedication, and skill to fill either of these spots, we would be more than happy to entertain your application. If you think you may not participate well in a team setting or are looking for just any raiding guild, there are many other guilds attempting to progress that you may be happier in.

Foot in the Door, Foot up their Ass
August 14th, 2007

Suggested Healers: 9. Suggested DJ healers: 6.

Yes he is as easy as everyone says he is. Everyone one shots him, we one shot him, its nothing impressive. Whats impressive is making news posts and having people imitate them, thanks! :)

Bands of the Celestial Archer
August 3rd, 2007

Because every time we cleared the trash to Kael, at least one pair of bracers would drop.

In any case, here are some nice screenshots from one of the most challenging, well designed, and rewarding fights.

Was excellent work by everyone that was there, and we could not have done it without those that put in the effort these last two weeks. Amazing progress Jesters!

How many....
July 12th, 2007

....chain-healing shamans does it take to kill Solarian? None. Kids, you dont need to trivialize a fight like this by stacking shamans, just bring competent players.

Pheonix God in 5
June 22nd, 2007

Apparently 5 attempts is all it takes. Archmage Vargoth cleaned the rest up.

Excellent execution Jesters. Kids, you dont need midsummer buffs to beat this boss, just a raid with some brains.

Vashj Executed Perfectly.
June 19th, 2007

I dont know what to say to this kill. How many heartbreaking 1% wipes, how many times she evaded on us, bugged out completely, or was just a bitch. I hate this fight, but she is finally dead. Grats on the kill Jesters, you definitely earned this one.

Death Jesters Venture into SSC...
June 9th, 2007

So this Thursday we went into SSC for the first time, looted (Oversized Elemental Bracers of the Whale) and continued our exploration. We took two left turns, three right turns and found ourselves at the Gate of Lady Vashj.

As we crossed the bridge, we missed her watery fish trap over the ledge. Many gnomes rogues were sacrificed in making a bridge for the rest of us to cross. Our first attempts against her proved useless as the warrior pulled her in a repeat of Gothik kills. We willl have her soon Jesters.

Leo Put to Rest.
June 5th, 2007

Its like Sartura guys, only easier. But I will let the kids that are about to try him in on a little secret: Bring lots of Retribution Paladins and Shadow Priests. Because apparently thats the only way to kill(read:cheese) him. Kids, we didnt bring any, but if it helps you along, go ahead. We wont think any less of you as you try to catch up to this mediocre guild.

Death Jesters Limited Recruitment
May 29th, 2007

We are looking for a few more dedicated, skilled individuals that want an opportunity to join Death Jesters. Not people looking to join just a guild. We are looking for people of most classes and talent specs, particularly key roles of tanking-able warriors, restoration druids, shamans, and a shadow priest. We need mature team players that can raid at least four of our raid days. If you are not a team player, or have never participated in a team setting, we may not be for you. There are many other guilds attempting to get through SSC that may suit you better. As always, skill and effort trump gear. If you have the time, patience and are willing to work toward a raid spot, we would be happy to look at your application. Visit our forums for more information.

Argh, again.
May 24th, 2007

Second update of the evening. Karathress down on his first night dancing with us. Good yob Sweden.

So Morogrim walks into a bar...
May 24th, 2007

...with a steering-wheel attached to his scrotum.
Bartender says to him: Hey, you know you have a steering-wheel on your balls.
Morogrim replies: Yarrr! Its drivin me nuts!

Stormrage Lokalerna Svensk Sällskap Strejk Igen!
May 22nd, 2007

Inte enda bortsett frän auktoriserat inte Voidreaver dö på det premier av försöken , den tog bara 23 folk. Congrats på en god döda Jesters. Vi vill bli seende mer av SSC och TK inom de här vecken. Vi er alltid sett för hängiven slå sig ihop spelarna så pass vilja till se ny belåtenhet.

These Dooms were made for walking...
April 16th, 2007

Next stop: Owning the Water
April 6th, 2007

We own Magtheridon too.

April 2nd, 2007

As a couple of our oldest and most dedicated members leave the game to pursue new careers, we wish them luck in their future endeavors.

While we finish gearing up for SSC and complete Magtheridons Lair, we are looking to bolster the Jester raiding roster with some fresh faces and talent.

Druids: 2 Restoration or 1 Restoration and 1 Feral Druid,
Priests: 1-2 Holy/Discipline specialized Priests,
Warriors: 1-2 Tanking capable Warriors.

If you can handle commands such as Click the cube now and Dont stand near anyone, you can handle raiding. We dont need any softies, whiners or people that leave raids when their feelings are hurt. If you cant handle clicking objects or are one of the above type of personalties, I am sure there are other guilds currently recruiting your type on the Stormrage boards.

The Beast Is Slain, All Is Well in Darkshire
March 22nd, 2007

See you in Serpentshire.

Fear Ward What?
March 4th, 2007

No kids, we didnt pull flasks out of our asses, the ugliest warrior on Stormrage was enough. Add a pinch of Vargoth and Nightbane 1.0 is dead. Both DJ Karazhan groups have shown amazing dedication and have this progress to show for it. Thanks for an awesome first two months Jesters. Bring on the nerfs and see you in the lair of the Dragonslayer.

Vargoth Strikes Again
March 1st, 2007

When you get 31 people inside an instance that fits only 25, good things happen.

DJ Strats Unveiled
February 18th, 2007

Updates are late but here they are. Our two groups have made solid progress these past few weeks.

Everything but Nightbane has been cleared and guess what kids, we didnt pull flasks out of our ass for each boss. No, not flasks but Archmage Vargoth. Where the Shade of Aran was, Archmage Vargoth stood over his corpse. Where Prince Malchezaar and Netherspite died, we were there, behind Archmage Vargoth. If you havent used Archmage Vargoth yet, you probably havent cleared Karazhan. Link is on forums for you guys still without it.

Post Scriptum: Send in more screenshots DJs.

A Brand New Game
January 15th, 2007

We enter our second year of World of Warcraft again, as a Premier Stormrage Guild. Theres no question that Burning Crusade is fundamentally a new game for everyone to play. Though we havent finished all of the content we wanted to, we will be revisiting it soon enough. No one likes to leave anything unfinished, and we wont. As well, with our most recent roster revisions we have the best of the best joining us in the expansion. To see other guilds stop raiding entirely over the holidays and give up while Burning Crusade was just around the corner was expected of them. We raided until the end, to try to finish as much content as we could, and for the love of raiding with each other. Those dedicated few have showed up to each and every one of those raids, without excuses, went the extra effort to raid when others wouldnt. Im proud of our dedicated team and happy to lead them onto the Burning Crusade.

Now as we head into the Outland to experience the lag, queue times and kill stealing, we do it as a closer group than ever before.

Winter Allergies Cured
December 21st, 2006

Use Greater Shadow Protection Potion Now! Thats as hard as it gets kids. Took everyone a couple days to bind those Shadow Potion hotkeys with heartbreaking 2%, 1% wipes. Excellent dedication and farming from everyone.

This time last year was our very first Nefarian kill, its not KT, but Loatheb will do for now.

In about a week we will have our second annual quotebook. Im excited as it gets, to spend my day sorting through close to 6 gigs of peoples screenshots. Stay tuned for Sebudai to be toppled.

Electric Justice!
December 4th, 2006

After countless slaps to the face with his Balls(of Lightning), we finally went in prepared to kill him. With only 1 disconnect that attempt, Thaddius dropped with 30 seconds to spare. Job well done Jesters. Special thanks to the several people that were not there for the kill but helped us learn both strats and provided consumables. Not everyone could fit into the picture, but we tried!

Only a few more bosses left until KT, 6 weeks to go.

Looking for Healers
November 27th, 2006

With two active druids, we are looking for a few more dedicated druids to add to our roster. Must enjoy healing, buffing the raid, and healing. If you are looking to experience end-game before Burning Crusade releases, have a gander at our recruitment section and see if we are for you.

Pipe Grips For All
November 10th, 2006

Needless to say, we all left Gluth satisfied and spent. (Thanks Miav)

We had a spectacular kiting team as well:

Hint for all the kids out there: Use the full twill bonus for kiting.

More or Less Retard Free...
November 6th, 2006

A slow start to the night, but we managed to kill Patchwerk and Grobbulus anyway. Last weeks 2% Heigan wipe was frustrating enough so the 33 of us moved to trounce him. At the end of the first attempt, we showed everyone who Stormrages Premier Clog-hoppers were. Congrats on a well executed dance and more frost resist gear...

Still a few spots left on the roster for anyone that thinks they can put on some wooden shoes and dance Heigan.

Jesters Wanted
October 29th, 2006

We are looking for a few more players to add to our Naxx roster. If you want to be part of the front line to clear Naxx before Burning Crusader comes out, look at out recruitment section. A few more spots have opened up for Druids, Priests, Hunters, and Mages. Make sure to bring your game faces and dedication, everything else is second.

Just beat the shit out of it,
October 16th, 2006

Naturally the MT and OT3 died off the pull, so we killed him with 1 OT all the way through. Kids, you dont have to stack a raid to kill Patchwerk, just come prepared with gonads and brain intact.
Vanusk, our mascot, was there in spirit, and with the miracle of Cylawns photoshop, body too.

A quick Frogger later, our first shot, first Grobbulus kill was destroyed by an untimely cleanse. So we settled on killing Grobbgor on our second try in under 9 minutes.

Happy Hunting Jesters!

Fear is the Mind Killer...
October 1st, 2006

2 nights of attempts and we have a dead sandworm. And kids, despite what they told you at school, this isnt a fight to stack ranged dps.

Congrats Vanusk on the first:

We are still looking for some more Fremen to fill our roster. Visit the forums for class demand and requirements.

Not Just Another Raiding Guild...
September 26th, 2006

One of the most frequent questions after (how far in nax are u guyz in) and (are u guyz recruiting) is (What are you guys like?)I usually point them to the guild charter, or give them the standard (we are an ok bunch of dudes, everyone is friendly and has a great amount of respect for each other.) That kind of statement only goes so far. So before I get back on my soapbox, Im going to break tradition and post some quotes a little early. Dont worry, I have 4 gigs of screenshots left for the end of the year.

Now some people say, that one persons actions do not dictate what an entire guild is like. Really? Fascinating. Im sorry that you are recruiting classless, (but skilled) fucks to your guild for the sake of recruiting a spot. But those assholes do nothing to promote a positive atmosphere in your guild or the server. Sure, you can invite the kid that is acting like an incompetent twat to your guild because you need priests. But why are they wearing your tag, a uniform that represents the rest of your guild members just because you are short a few players. Kids, people come and go, but you dont have to deal with that trash. Sure, there are some groovy people in guilds with shit reputations, and I feel sorry for them because its hard to get into a high-end raiding guild. Some guilds close recruitment and you have no where else to go to see content, but there. If you want to be part of guilds that grief dragons, are assholes to the rest of community, just because you want to see some end-game content, you could do much better.

Finally, due to some people having real lives, we are recruiting a few more Priests, Mages,etc to fill our Naxxramas roster.

Yes, we roast gnomes.

Spider Sausages for Everyone!
September 4th, 2006

Really, rather than Tier 3 gear, Maexxna should have dropped a million spider meats. You can do more with meat than you can with two pieces of druid loot. Excellent night of raiding in Naxx/AQ40 Jesters. Were back to our old groove again!

More isnt always better...
August 11th, 2006

Sucks for others that they need many for what we need only a few to do.

Now our bloodlust continues as we add more to the Jesters slaughter.

Site Updates
August 5th, 2006

Both member profiles and the Item/Loot Tracker are going to be restructured and completed. If you see that the boards are down or there are database errors, its only temporary and will be remedied quickly.

Looking For Endgame?
July 9th, 2006

We are looking for a few active, mature, and dedicated players to fill these empty spots. We have had a number of spots open up in a number of classes. If you believe you have what it takes and have the skills neccessary to raid in the endgame and monopolize world bosses, see our recruitment section.

Oh, and no, we are not a faction farming guild, despite the number of inquiries we have received about the subject.

Guild Focus Shifted
June 20th, 2006

I am pleased to announce, that Stormrages Premier Swedish Guild has undergone a fundamental change in its ideals. We have turned from a hardcore raiding guild to a hardcore faction farming guild. While we were enjoying ourselves on Ouro and Cthun, we believe that this change to faction grinding will make our World of Warcraft experience more enjoyable. With Patch 1.11 becoming available to us, we plan to make friends with whoever and wherever we go.

Application requirements have been changed, and all we ask now, is that you are exalted with Booty Bay to be admitted into Faction Jesters.

Below is an example of what we will expect of you as a member:

Happy Grinding!

Dj Vu?
May 20th, 2006

Yes, we are in fact having some fun with these guys and while we dont drop down in Overlords to swarm everything, we like to have a little finesse in our work. So while others cannot find a raid spot, we have killed every boss on our farm list with 30.

If you too are interested in finishing off this content before Naxx goes live, and enjoy staring at feral gear drop, submit an application. With summer turnover, we are looking for a few more dedicated players to fill our roster, especially non-bipolar hunters. However, if you do fall into the catagory, please take your medication, then apply.

Our Jester Has a New Name...
April 24th, 2006

And his name is Jack. So now we can say We jacked it to Huhuran And We will be jacking it together with 40 people and the Twin Emps.

If you want to be part of our ensemble and jack it with us, we are still looking to fill a few spots, particularly paladins and rogues.

7 of 4 Dragons Dow...What?
April 3rd, 2006

They just kept spawningandspawninginoneincredibly...well you get the picture. And yes, the board game is now out.

When asked how his raiders have so much energy to keep going, Rootleaf responded with this:

The Death Jesters Expeditionary Force:

And finally, yes, we are still recruiting to fill empty slots, if you think you have the gonads, submit an application. We really dont care if you are geared well enough or not, we want dedication, commitment, and for you to submit to random drug tests.

The Rigors of the Application Process
March 24th, 2006

Generally, when people apply to Death Jesters, they go missing. Whether they be dwarf priests, or warriors with a MT complex, they will go missing, exploring volcanoes, flying hot air balloons, or being explored themselves, we never hear from them again.

What you are about to see, are the experiences of a few applicants that made it back. I warn you, these images are NTS(Not Thillen Safe).

Our first joke was played on an ugly bitch of a priest. Snuggles bet me one dollar that only Skothus, his priest, could measure the temperature of a Volcano, and come out alive.

He won the bet.

How do you crush the ego of a warrior thinking he can MT anything?

Back to Westfall for this one.

Finally, what do we do to our Ga-nome applicants?

Say no more.

Yes, most of those applicants did make it in. Yes, Cylawn can sit down again comfortably. And yes, we are in fact looking for a few more Jesters to add to our roster. If you think you have the gonads(Emo priests need not apply), then head over to the forums to submit an application.

And please, dont listen to the propaganda of Team Snuggles:

Updating soon.
March 19th, 2006

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
I like my waffles with maple surple.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200 Dollars
February 22nd, 2006

I know some of you assholes are tired of us. We dont care. Thanks for playing.

Vem died on our second night, and Battleguard Sartura is down on the second night of trying as well. Good work Jesters, keep the shit moving and we will have another movie of a clear zone soon.

And this little guy died since the last update too:

In Ur Face
February 15th, 2006

With our favourite gates open, and the season of love upon us, we at Death Jesters would like to salute those (great) guilds on Stormrage with a giant In Your Face, accompanied by a /bellylaugh. With our Brood of Nozdormu faction approaching honored and Green Dragons falling all around us, fun times are in store. 1 Percent wipes? Karma is a bitch. See you kids in AQ, stay out of forum drama!

Stormrage War Effort Raffle!
January 21st, 2006

Are you doing your part?

Lets Open Those Gates!

In an effort to open the gates at a much quicker pace, we are holding a raffle to promote more farming for the Ahn Quiraj War Effort. We will be giving away at least one Molten Core epic every day until the war effort is complete. Yes, other servers have done this same thing, and it has worked extremely well for them.

Why are we doing this? We want to experience new content that is available to both raiders and casual gamers alike. Some guilds are tired of clearing all end-game content in 2-3 days, only to have a week of farming left. No one wants to be lagged up on Tuesday/Wednesdays in Blackwing Lair. We would like to further progression of Stormrage as a server and ideally be one of the first ten servers to open the gates. Simply put, we want those damn gates open.

We are looking for ANY of the materials still needed to finish the war effort, that includes materials needed on horde side, which will be sent to designated cross faction people.

I will be periodically updating the Stormrage Forum Post, and one on our forum.

How it works:
-Stacks of CRAFTED materials are to be sent to \\\"Aqeffort\\\". Your character will receive one ticket per full stack of War Effort Materials. Uncrafted items or stacks that are not full will not be counted and will be sent back.
-Nebshar has created a mod and parser that logs every single mail that is receive. The mod generates a random number, first 1-10000 for the daily draw, secondly 1-100000 of the grand prize draw. It as well, keeps track of who has submitted how much.
-Grand prize entry tickets will only be counted for those that have submitted TWENTY or more stacks over the course of the War Effort
-A special prize will be given out to the person who submits the most items.
-We will be drawing DAILY at 5pm EST for the winners choice of a BOE epic from the selection available.
-Any representatives of any guild that wish to see how this mod works or have any questions at all can send a tell to Sparty or Nebshar.

Daily Items to be given away:
Arcanist Belt
Arcanist Bindings
Bracer of Might
Cenarion Bracers
Cenarion Belt
Felheart Bracers
Giantstalker Belt
Giantstalker Bracers
Lawbringer Belt
Nightslayer Bracers
Prophecy Belt
Prophecy Bracers
And a miriad of other prizes.

*Those wishing NOT to receive one of the above items, have an option of 500 gold instead.

Grand Prizes:
All expenses paid trip to Molten Core and Selection of 2 Usable Non-Legendary Items.
ANY Enchant currently available from those guilds organizing the raffle.
A run through any instance from a special team of Death Jesters.(15-man or lower)
A choice of an epic mount or 900 gold.
Any leftover epics.
A romantic date with Dorfster of Death Jesters.
A fully geared Thillen for a day in your own guild.
1500 gold to the person that submits the MOST.

*If you win the trip to Molten Core and are too low level or wish not to partake, you have the option of saving it for another time or receiving 1000 gold.

*Any guilds looking to donate to this raffle are asked to contact Sparty.

Set Condition Two.
January 14th, 2006

Not much to report on the Stormrage front. Pretty much flawless kills on Nef, Sparty finally completes his Sulfuras. As well, being the first alliance to complete the Sceptre on Stormrage, we continue farming for the War Effort so we can beat the game again. Keep up the good work Jesters, fun times in store for us soon.

A Death Jester Christmas...
December 24th, 2005

A day like no other, farming the same trash in Molten Bore and the other half of our bindings drop. Damdor finishes his Thunderfury after 8 months of waiting, Congrats Death Jesters on our first Legendery Item.

Secondly, and most importantly, our first Nefarion Kill. Flawless execution Death Jesters. Smooth kill on our first real try of the night. Id like to thank everyone that has put forth so much effort in Blackwing Lair over the past months and those that were not present for this kill: Rootleaf, Ephiphany, Crysalis, Snuggles, Anyka, Smirnav, Bigjcool, Bloodwynd, Bruno, Cria, Dilvish, Veridious, Dominique, Feliana, Hope, Imrahill, Jasper, Nugai, Onewarf, Prixie, Slugfoot, Warlike, Wora, Xtrainer, Xike and any others Ive forgotten(sorry). Amazing work on a fun fight guys. You earned your sleep tonight.

To the rest of you, bah humbug, get back to raiding.(Well at least Santa gave us one of our gifts)

P.S. - Death Jesters Blackwing Lair movie in the making.

November 29th, 2005

On the first night after a couple times on Chromaggus, we had the last laugh. No longer will Melian have 16000hp as a Demon. No longer will Cria kill us by pulling Chromaggus from the zone-in. Excellent execution on the dance floor again guys. You earned this kill.

Seems our good friend Lord Victor Nefarius is next. Soon Jesters.

What does it take?
November 29th, 2005

Suck it up princess! We are here to get shit done and its getting done!
We are not here to be nice to Blackwing Lair, were not here be friends with Ebonroc and Flamegor, were here to make sure they cant ever sit down again.

Chromaggus: Next.

Death Jesters Tearing It Up Again
November 11th, 2005

Back from our little slumber, Ysondre down, Blackwing Lair is being cleared at a rapid pace, and as always, more and more Cenarion is being disenchanted. If you are motivated and want to partake in some of our adventures, visit the Recruitment section and contact one of our Officers.

As Good as Sex....Almost.
September 30th, 2005

Was it good for you too? I'm spent.

September 17th, 2005

Go Get Server Firsts.

Didnt expect it from us?

We dont give a shit.

Reasons NOT to do BWL:
September 16th, 2005

Reasons to do BWL:

But at the end of the day, one thing remains the same:

Congrats Jesters! You guys earned that kill.
(Thankfully no druid loot dropped)

Are You a Slacker?
September 12th, 2005

We treat our Warlocks right.

Are you an active Druid or Warrior that knows how to play?

Maybe you're looking to slack off and pick up all the loot we disenchant. But if you are a skilled and highly active player that wants to be part of a family, this is probably the place for you.

Snuggles picks a fight with Hogger... and loses!
July 25th, 2005

You guys have heard me say it before, stop screwing around or I'll send you back to Elwynn Forest. Snuggles was the first to go after a Shadowbolt crit for 2700. This was the result:

Followed by:

1% wipes are NOT the name of the game for BWL.

Vanusk you're next.

Full Circle - The end of a new beginning
July 1st, 2005

After all our brave attempts on the "post-patch" Ragnaros, our efforts finally lead us to a sweet victory on Ragnaros. Flawless execution there on the dance floor, DJs.

Congratulations to all those who received loot, and a great thanks to all who were there to participate into bringing him down.

With Blackwing Lair lurking on the horizon, the DJs will continue to prepare themselves for battle. And you, Ragnaros, are just another link in our farming chain.

Joke's on you... Ragnaros
June 7th, 2005

Once again, another boss has been eliminated, Death Jesters style. Fourth spawning and all it needed was a little tweak. Amazing work from everyone that was there on the kill, and everyone that was present on previous attempts. Like I said, full harvest. Grats Veridious, Melian, Anyka, Oblivion, Av, Electraa, Mellony on loots. Grats Jesters, you earned every bit of this.

Quote of the day:

A Few Screenshots:

Ragnaros Contemplates the Meaning of Life
June 1st, 2005

3 Spawns thus far and 13% at his lowest. Amazing work so far by everyone that has been there, and has been farming necessary reagents. Loot has been bountiful over the past week, but expect a full harvest on Saturday. Again, great work Jesters, lets finish what we started. Until next week, I leave you with Av's thoughts on Metaphysics:

To all you people who take things too serious...
May 17th, 2005