December 2013

9 Year Later...

And we're still kicking, hard. We're corpse camping bosses, smashing the faces of those Pandas and rock-eating Orcs. We've out-lived, out-played, and out-witted many guilds over the years.

While we approach our 9 year anniversary as a guild, we know we have grown, matured, and strengthened. We're a better team, we're a better raid group, and we're a better family. Our community has grown, our core has crown, but one thing has remained the same: Our passion for the game, the community, and being Death Jesters.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. See you all in 2014!

Wishing everyone and their families a happy holiday!





Recruitment for all classes is currently OPEN.

We are looking for team players, players that want a new raiding home, and people that want a community for WoW and beyond. We will always look at exceptional players, no matter how full a class is. If you think you're better than any of our players, do apply. We always want a challenge for our raid spots.

Currently have a high need for ranged DPS classes.

We, Death Jesters, are a raiding guild with a friendly, atmosphere. We work together through communication and patience. Because of this, we are able to establish strong cohesion whithin the guild and complete end-game encounters. Death Jesters are a neutral guild on the Stormrage server with no official aliances or vendettas. Any positive or detrimental actions toward us however, will never be forgotten. Our goal as a guild is complete end-game encounters as they are introduced into the World of Warcraft. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage, and have built an excellent reputation based upon respect and dedication.