Death Jesters Loot Policy

In Death Jesters, we use a merit system to award items and loot to members. We have found this system to be the most efficient and sensible way of distributing items throughout the guild. A merit system such as ours avoids any complications that occur in a DKP system and any exploitation. This merit system ensures that it does not take an overly long time to buy or bid on an item. Loot within Death Jesters is given out by a number of senior guild members that may choose to participate in loot distribution. Who better to determine how much you are contributing to the guild, than those around you every day? And if you think 'corruption' occurs, why be with a guild that you don’t trust fully?

The council:

Loot is handed out to members by means of a rotating council structure. Any member who has attained the rank of 'Veteran' has the opportunity to be part of the loot council. Usually, a representative from each class, who has attained this rank, and at least an officer are present in a channel that discusses those interested in the loot.

Loot Factors:
  • Overall Contribution – Is this person contributing to the guild as a whole? Always available to run Heroic instances, helping people farm materials. Do they display a constant positive attitude and are excellent performers in raids?
  • Attendance – We use a DKP tracker to have an accurate way to track how often someone raids, how long someone is in a raid, and how long they are waiting outside the instance in queue.
  • Past loot awarded – When was the last time the people interested in the item received upgrades? Were they noteable upgrades or something that was just going to be disenchanted?
  • Immediate Upgrade – Is the item an upgrade for one person more than the other? Will one person use it just in certain circumstances?
How it works:

Tells are taken on any items of value that drop, it is then announced in the raid channel who is interested, and then discussed in the private council channel. When a decision has been finalized a member of the council will call out who won the item, and that person is then free to loot the item.

Example: Might Leggings drop from Onyxia. All warriors are interested in them including the warrior representative. Since the warrior representative is interested in the item, he or she leaves the loot channel and the rest of the council decide on whom to award the item to.

Example 2: A Typhoon drops from Azuregos. All that are able to use it and are interested in the item, send a designated person a tell. The person being sent a tell cannot be interested in the item.

In both examples the council would then decide who deserves the item the most based on the above factors.

Certain factors hold more weight than others to benefit the guild as a whole. We're not here to gear people up, we're here to progress in content. Loot is just a means to an end. There is no substitute for skill.

It is encouraged that people interested on an item sort it out themselves. "Oh its a bigger upgrade for you than me, I'll probably grab the next one anyway."

Example 3: Cowl of Nature’s Breath drops from Gruul the Dragonkiller. There are two feral druids somewhat interested in the item for healing gear. Both discuss it amongst themselves and ask an officer if it would be alright to simply roll for the item.

Any disputes regarding the handing out of loot may be sent to an officer or a member of the council and the member may then hear why the loot was awarded to a certain person.