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Death Jesters :: The joke's on you ... .
Death Jesters

We, Death Jesters, are a raiding guild with a friendly, family atmosphere. We work together through communication and patience. Because of this, we are able to establish strong cohesion within the guild and complete end-game encounters. Death Jesters are a neutral guild on the Stormrage server with no official alliances or vendettas. Any positive or detrimental actions toward us however, will not be forgotten. Our goal as a guild is complete end-game encounters as they are introduced into the World of Warcraft. As one of the premier guilds on Stormrage, we plan to keep a respectable attitude towards those around us.

Public Stance of Death Jesters

Death Jesters is a very private guild. Any and all issues that are related to Death Jesters as a guild, or any of the members will be replied to by an officer of Death Jesters if necessary. All Death Jesters are to stay out of any public threads if they include any semblance of the guild, or Death Jesters members. Anything you say to other guilds may represent our opinion, when it is fact, not.

Code of Conduct for all Death Jesters

You are to be respectful of each other. You are to show a great amount of respect for those players around you, in the guild, outside, and out of game. Every action you make represents Death Jesters as a whole and your peers. If you cannot behave in a positive manner in the Stormrage community, you would not belong here.

We are a mature group of players, you should be able to handle that maturity as we wish to keep the same friendly, family atmosphere in Guild Chat, and in Ventrilo. If you ever have suggestions to improve a fellow guild-member’s playing ability, you should do so in a positive and constructive manner.

Even in the heat of battle stay respectful toward your fellow guild members. Swearing or belittling eachother does not change the outcome of a raid encounter any more or less than constructive commentary would. If you fail to settle differences between you and someone else, either inside the guild or out, you are to speak to an officer. You will not post public rants or become a vigilante on these matters before you have discussed it with our officers.

Failure to comply with our code of conduct may result in demotion or removal from the guild.

Guild Chat and Ventrilo

You are to behave in a mature, friendly manner to those in guild chat and Ventrilo. We have players varying in age so you are to use common sense when speaking. Do not use any offensive language or racial slurs in either medium. Real life politics are to stay out of guild chat. Any abuse of guild chat and Ventrilo will have your privileges suspended.


Death Jesters is a high-end raiding guild. If a raid is planned at a certain time, you are to be fully repaired and ready before each engagement. All raiders of Death Jesters are expected to use the Attendence Tracker found at www.death-jesters.net/attend/ to mark what time they will be available or if they cannot attend. It takes fifteen minutes to get anywhere in the game world. If you cannot show up on time, or early for raids, do not expect to be raiding with us for very long. If you cannot be on time for a raid, you are to post on the forums and be logged out at the designated zone in case you will attend halfway into the raid.

Raiders are expected to be fully prepared with flasks, materials, potions for the coming raid. We raid 4-5 days a week, allowing sufficient time for preparation for the next raid.

During raids, you are to pay attention and be patient with pulls. You are expected to be the most efficient and effective player that you can be. You are never to go ‘AFK’ without telling an officer or one of the raid leaders. Going 'AFK' without notification are a leading cause for any raid to wipe. You are not to loot anything during raids unless specifically told to do so. Any loot that drops will be handled by an officer or council member present.